Effective, yet less invasive procedures for achieving V-line

Looking for a minimally invasive procedure for v-line or more lifted, youthful face? If you are unhappy with excess fat on face or loose skin and want to reshape and define the contours of your face with v-line, Facial liposuction and Thread facelift could be suitable options for you.
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Facial Liposuction

Some people find it hard to get rid of fatty deposits on their chin, cheeks and jawline even with hard diet and exercise. Facial liposuction, being performed to remove excess fatty deposits, could be an optimal solution for those who have concerns about persistent fat accumulation. By removing fat stores or saggy areas, it enhances your appearance, creating more beautiful facial structure with v-line.

Facial liposuction is typically done by creating a small incision in the appropriate area and inserting a thin tube to break and remove the fatty tissue. Chin, cheeks, jawline that carry a lot of subcutaneous fat are the ideal areas to be treated.

When performed in conjunction with tightening, facial liposuction could bring out optimal results. As liposuction is not a procedure for rejuvenation but for fat removal, treated area could need tightening to complete refreshed appearance. With skin tightening, patients can experience increased firmness with desired youthful looks and v-line.

Thread Facelift

Designed to be less invasive and with minimal risks and downtime, Thread Facelift is performed to lift and support sagging facial skin for a rejuvenated appearance. During the procedure, special threads are inserted through tiny incision to eliminate sagging, which leads to a youthful looking appearance. As Thread Facelift is usually performed without anesthesia, patients remained conscious, can notice the immediate improvements and approve how it should look.

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Ideal candidates for Thread Facelift would be men and women in their 30-60s with minor to moderate sagging of the skin in the cheeks, jowls, neck and eyes. People with excessively loose skin might be required to take conventional facelift surgery.

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