I got my eyebrows microbladed in Korea

All of us have heard of the importance of eyebrows, and how a set of beautiful brows can help to frame our face. Some of us can't even leave the house without filling in our eyebrows! So what can we do if we aren't blessed with naturally full and symmetrical brows like Cara Delevingne's? Amy Lee from Eunogo shares with you her struggles with uneven natural brows, and how she overcame her bad experience with a previous eyebrow tattoo.

The struggle for beautiful brows

My natural eyebrows. See how they are uneven?

I stepped up my eyebrow game pretty late.

As most of you would know, almost all of us have an asymmetrical face and I am no exception! My right eyebrow is naturally higher than my left eyebrow, and I could never shape them well or make them look symmetrical. I spent a lot of time drawing my eyebrows when I get ready every morning. And because they are uneven, it is so difficult to balance them, causing me lots of unnecessary stress and frustration. It is so hard to pull myself away from the mirror when my brows are still drawn unevenly, but I have to go to work!

So, back in 2017, I got myself an eyebrow tattoo from a local place in Seoul. I remember it very well because I was very nervous as a first-timer and did not know how it would turn out. And it turned out to be pretty painful!

Time for a re-do

Almost 2 years has passed since my first eyebrow tattoo, and it has mostly faded away.

The problem was that the pigment washed out but it left a red residue. I looked like I had red eyebrows! I had to go through the hassle of covering them up with eyebrow pencil again!

It's difficult to make them match evenly with just eyebrow pencil... and I had to do that every single day!

I was back to square one and now I had another problem of hiding the redness. I was sold on the convenience and was satisfied with the results back then but in hindsight I did not really think through carefully about how they would look in the future.

And so, I was determined to find a really good place this time. My job at Eunogo led me to discover this clinic which is so much better than the previous one.

Leading salon in semi-permanent makeup

With the friendly and beautiful director at Longtime Liner Korea.

Throughout my time at Eunogo, I have taken a lot of customers to Longtime Liner Korea to assist them with their consultation and translation.

The first time I went to the clinic, I was with a customer who had never gotten eyebrow microblading. I explained the procedure from my own prior experience and it turned out to be quite different than what I had. I could see the results and transformation on the customers right in front of my own eyes and was convinced that this is the place to get semi-permanent microblading.

The price at Longtime liner is higher than average salons in Seoul (price information here). But I could find a few reasons why Longtime Liner was more competitive than others local places in Seoul:

  1. Longtime Liner Korea uses patented microblading machine designed and invented in Germany.
  2. Longtime Liner Korea uses lead and arsenic-free, harmless pigment.
  3. Only highly-trained estheticians who passed a series of strict training can perform microblading on their customers.
  4. Careful design of the eyebrows to suit each customer's facial features and desires.
  5. Camouflage pigment is available here.

 Various colors of pigments used at the salon

What is camouflage pigment?

I know you're definitely wondering right now... What is camouflage pigment?

It is Longtime Liner Korea's special technique to hide residue from previous eyebrow tattoos. White or pigment matched to your skin colour is used on top of the previous tattoo so that you can have a clean eyebrow shape.

Camouflage pigment can cover up leftover residue to restore your skin's natural colours.

I remember being blown away hearing about it. I asked more about this technique and found out that it is used for covering leukoplakia to restore the skin's natural look. 

In order for the estheticians to perform such a camouflage technique, they all have to get trained and certified by the headquarter in Germany.

This was not a hole in the wall shop with some random lady who will be microblading my eyebrows. They are highly-trained and I could tell that they are technicians with a lot of experience. Knowing this, I was able to trust them and let go of my fear.

Time for the microblading!

Designing the eyebrow shape.

The estheticians began by putting an anesthetic cream on my eyebrows for 30 minutes. After that, I went through the eyebrow design with them to decide on the shape that will best frame my facial features. This step is extremely important, because these brows are here to stay for the next few years!

Filling in my eyebrows with light feathery strokes.

After the effect of the anesthetic cream set in, the esthetician began microblading my eyebrows. I can't say that it is entirely painless, but it is definitely manageable. I didn’t frown much due to pain. Some parts were much more painful than others, such as the head of the eyebrows, because these areas are more sensitive. When she went over those parts, I teared up a little bit but as a natural reaction. I wasn't crying because it was too pain.

Of course, everyone is different, and if you feel that the pain is too much, they can work on the outer corners first and get back to the more painful areas, after putting on more numbing cream.

There's no need to worry when you are in good hands!

If I were to describe the feeling, it would be like taking a very sharp nail and scratching your eyebrows with it. There were no buzzing sounds or sounds of sharp knives (you would know what I'm talking about if you ever had eyebrow tattoos done) so it is less scary!

The pain level was one of the things that surprised me a lot compared to my first experience. It was not as painful as I remembered it to be so I was able to just relax and enjoy the moment. 

The aftercare

After the micro-blading, they gave me 2 ointments to put on my eyebrows in the morning and at night before going to bed for the next 3 days. I was told not to wet my eyebrows for 3 days as well. This is to allow scabs to form and fall off cleanly without leaving a scar. During this time, I could wash my face but not my eyebrows. I used wet wipes and a little bit of water in my hand to clean and dab the upper face area carefully. 

The scabs started falling off 4 to 7 days after the microblading. It might be different depending on your skin type and how well you followed the aftercare instructions. You should not try to rip off the scabs from the skin because this might cause a scar! You should also avoid working out and going to the sauna, jjimjilbang, or any kind of highly steamed area.

Depending on your lifestyle, and your daily routine, the pigment will last 2 to 5 years.

Reactions I got from friends and family

Left: Selfie taken immediately after microblading. Right: 2 weeks after micro-blading. Notice how it has faded to become very natural looking.

I was excited to show my new brows to my friends and family so I began sending them photos right after I got the procedure done. I received lots of comments saying that I looked more feminine with the new eyebrow shape and that I had made the right choice. Some also commented that my facial impression became a lot softer too.

I was so glad that it turned out great and that it softened my features. As people say, first impressions are half the battle. With a good first impression, I had already won half the battle!

Two of my family members have already booked for the procedure. After they saw my photos, they wanted to get their brows done like mine too. If you are also interested in this Semi-Permanent Makeup, you can schedule and purchase the program here! There are also eyeline and lip tattoo options for this program!

More info?

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