I Tried A Hyaluronic Acid Injection Called Profhilo in Singapore (Part 1)

Zhenia from Eunogo decided to try getting her first injectable treatment, Profhilo. Read on to learn more about the injection from Dr. YZ Tan from Mizu Aesthetic Clinic.

When Eunogo first met to interview the doctors at Mizu Aesthetic Clinic here in Singapore, I was told that I may be a good candidate to try Profhilo, a relatively new Bio-Remodelling Injectable on the market.

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This is where we have a problem: I am afraid of injectables. No joke, I am 37 (almost 38) years old, and I have never had Botox or fillers in my life, because I’m afraid of them. By the way, probably the same reason Mizu Aesthetic Clinic singles me out as a good Profhilo candidate is just that: I clearly have never done anything invasive to my face, and, at 37 years old, the skin laxity definitely begins to show. What a predicament.

In order to make a decision and finally, FINALLY, for the first time in my life have something injected into my face, I asked Dr. YZ Tan some questions about it because I knew Eunogo's inquiring minds would want to know.

You can tell how serious I am - my face is on the line!

Dr. Tan, can you tell us what Profhilo really IS?

Profhilo is a bio-remodelling injectable. What does that mean exactly? Well, the main active ingredient in Profhilo is a high quality Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA’s main job function is to provide maximum hydration. How this shows up in your face after Profhilo is injected, is a more hydrated, volumized, glowing appearance. It is not dramatic, although you might see some before/after photos online that are, but, it will turn the clock back a couple of years with minimal effort.

It contains two types of 100% Hyaluronic Acid:

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid works as a water reservoir and moisturizes the skin, like a skinbooster would. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides a stable hyaluronic acid structure in the skin dermis level to increase volume like a filler by increasing the production of endogenous (naturally originating) HA and native elastin (a protein similar to collagen that gives the skin its elasticity). 

Profhilo stimulates elastin and collagen production to improve skin laxity, something that skinboosters and fillers cannot provide. Because it has a much smoother consistency than fillers, it spreads out evenly under the skin without forming any lumps.

Many skin boosters and fillers also use Hyaluronic Acid. Is it similar? 

Profhilo is neither a dermal filler (an injectable that fills in wrinkles/lines in the skin) nor a skin booster (multiple injections into the upper layer of the skin that provide an enhanced skin appearance). It actually acts like both, without being neither: Profhilo provides an overall skin quality rejuvenation that is remarkable, making you look refreshed and younger, but doesn’t require the countless injection sites all over your face. By the way, Profhilo also contains multiple times the amount of hyaluronic acid that most fillers and skin boosters have - this is what really makes it a superstar.

How does it work? The science sounds very complicated.

It is and it isn't. Scientifically, the Hyaluronic Acid in Profhilo is thermally (using heat) bound to generate stabilized complexes of low and high molecular weight HA.

Thermal cross-linking changes the structure and behavior of Hyaluronic Acid. These thermally cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid chains are able to ‘biomodulate’ skin tissue, resulting in improvement in hydration, volume, and collagen production. 

Thermal cross-linking also allows both low and high molecular weight HA to be linked together, and at the same time slowly released and spread out when injected under the skin. Simply put, once injected, it will travel wherever the moisture is needed, and is not bound to stay at the injection site only. So once you get past all the science, it’s basically an injectable traveling moisturizer for your face.

The Profhilo injectable

I have never had anything injected into my face before. Will Profhilo require lots of injections all over?

You’re in luck, Profhilo is only injected into 5 points on each side of your face. Because the HA will travel wherever it is needed, we only need a minimal amount of strategically placed injection sites. 

Just 5 injection sites for Profhilo 

Will it hurt? I don’t know if you can tell but I’m really worried about the pain levels involved here.

I always like to say that I will perform the procedure with as little pain as possible, but it’s obviously relative to each person. For Profhilo we have noticed that patients do better pain-wise when we apply both numbing cream and inject a local anesthetic before the Profhilo injection. If using only numbing cream patients do feel some discomfort as the Profhilo is injected, because the skin expands a bit at the injection site. So we have started injecting a local anesthetic as well. The local anesthetic should feel like a 1/10 pain level. Once injected, the Profhilo itself should be a 0/10.

How long will the procedure take?

The whole procedure will last about 45 minutes, with us waiting for the numbing cream to take effect for about 30 minutes. The rest is quick and (relatively) painless.

Is there downtime with Profhilo? How long?

There is very minimal downtime and you can absolutely continue with normal activities. The nice part about Profhilo is that there are only 5 injection sites on each side of your face, and they’re all in the areas that are currently covered when wearing a face mask. The injection sites will have a bit of a raised bump, similar to a mosquito bite, and as the HA begins to spread to the parts of your face it is needed most, those “bumps” will go down. There is no need to “massage” the bumps as they will go down on their own. Within 24 hours they are usually gone. As with any injection site there may be some light bruising or a needle mark, but we take care to try our best and avoid that.

Are there any side effects?

More good news: there are no long-term side effects. The HA in Profhilo is broken down by the body completely. It is also bio-compatible, and doesn’t cause any inflammatory reaction because hyaluronic acid is a chemical compound that naturally occurs in your body.

I should say that, despite the minimal side effects when injecting on the face, except for occasional bruising, it is important to make sure that you find an experienced doctor as there are vital blood vessels to avoid when injecting in areas such as the face and neck. The injection technique is also important in achieving optimum results. It should not be injected too deeply into the skin, as this will not produce satisfactory results and you will be disappointed. 

I heard you mention injecting Profhilo into the neck. What other parts of the body can it be used for?

There has been quite a great deal of success using it on the neck, decollete, and hands, to help “reverse” the appearance of aging. This is a really good product for anyone with skin laxity issues, saggy or wrinkled skin, and fine lines due to dry/dull skin.

Finally, if I decide to get this done, how often should I be doing it?

The full treatment consists of two sessions, 4 weeks apart. The first session stimulates hydration and provides a volumizing effect. The second session serves to ‘boost’ the effects, and ensure that they last longer. After that, the effect of Profhilo is subtle but immediate, and continues to improve over a period of 6-8 weeks. A third session can be repeated 6-12 months later depending on individuals. For example, if you work out quite often, your body may metabolize the Profhilo much faster than someone who doesn't. But either way, you will have that subtle, glowing appearance, that will have people complimenting your skin. 

Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Tan.

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