I Tried A Hyaluronic Acid Injection Called Profhilo in Singapore (Part 2)

After speaking to Dr. Tan at Mizu Aesthetic Clinic about the advantages of Profhilo, and after his assurances of minimal pain and downtime, I mustered up whatever courage I had and went ahead with it.

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The Visia Imaging System

First things first, we took photos of what my face looked like before treatment. This is important so that I can tell what kind of progress has been made over the next two months as I get the first injection today, and then another one next month, 4 weeks apart. Mizu Aesthetics has a very impressive machine called the Visia. The Visia system uses advanced imaging techniques, such as multi-point positioning, to capture in-depth, high-resolution images of your skin so that you can see exactly what areas need attention. Mizu also took some photos with a DSLR camera from different angles, to have for reference.

What my Visia photos looked like

After I got my photos taken, we could see that my skin tone was quite dull and my wrinkles were on full display. It was a bit shocking to see it up close and personal like that, in all its no makeup/no skincare glory, but there’s a reason I’m a good candidate for Profhilo and Visia doesn’t lie.

The Injection Procedure

I then went into the treatment room to get numbing cream put on my face. Mostly it was on my cheeks to make sure we covered all five injection points.

After about 25 minutes, Amber, a Mizu nurse, came and wiped off the numbing cream and disinfected my face in preparation for the local anesthetic injection.

Here I am, smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside, because I’m so afraid of what’s coming next!

When Dr. Tan came in I panicked but put my brave girl face on. It didn’t work - I couldn’t stop talking. At one point, Dr. Tan reminded me I needed to be still and quiet so he could do the numbing injection. <gulp> Dr. Tan used a white pencil to mark the optimal injection points on my face and we were ready.

I closed my eyes as Amber gave me reassuring pats on the shoulder (thanks, Amber, if you’re reading this), and waited for the worst. Except that the worst never happened. When I asked Dr. Tan earlier about pain levels, he mentioned that the local anesthetic injection would be about a 1/10 and the Profhilo injection at a 0/10 and he was right. Once he was finished with the local, he proceeded with the Profhilo and I didn’t feel a thing. Mostly, I felt embarrassed that I acted like a big baby and that Amber was still petting my shoulder thinking I was about to cry (I wasn’t).

After the 1st Injection

Immediately after, Amber wiped down my face again and applied sunscreen. That was it! I was ready to go. I looked in the mirror and saw the 5 “mosquito bite” bumps on each side of my face, lighter in color than the surrounding skin, and a needle mark on one side of my chin. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, and within a few hours of going back to the office, my marks covered up by my Covid-mandated mask, they were already barely noticeable. By the time I got home they were gone.

The next day I took some After photos - as you can see? Nothing of note!

Dr. Tan said I would start seeing gradual results soon after the injection, but I wasn’t sure how effective the first treatment was. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I was still dubious, despite getting several compliments on how my skin looked. I chalked it up to my new skincare routine and thought that because I didn’t see any major changes, I wasn’t sure it worked. But towards around the 3 week mark after the first injection, I realized I didn’t really require makeup - I was wearing my moisturizer and a lightly tinted SPF on top and that was it. In fact, when I filmed a Eunogo review video for that same sunscreen, I watched the video playback and saw that my face looked noticeably more radiant even before I put on the tinted sunblock. This was a good sign.

The Second Injection

Almost 5 weeks later I went to Mizu Aesthetics for my second Profhilo injection. My face was cleansed of any product and we went to see my old friend, the Visia camera. Once I saw the photos 4 weeks after, I realized I was wrong: there had been a change in my skin appearance, I just hadn’t noticed it because it was so gradual. My face was glowing. And when I say glowing, I mean GLOWING. Here, take a look at the regular DSLR photo:

This was after just 1 injection!

Also, it looked like there was a bit of filling in of baby wrinkles, but I honestly never expected for a major change here because they were quite deep to begin with. Also, I was smiling, which I probably shouldn’t have done if I wanted to see the full effect. Oh well. The hyaluronic acid had clearly done its job, and I was about to get a second dose!

The second injection was done by Mizu’s second dermatologist, Dr. Chloe Ho, who was very gentle with me, even though I was no longer as afraid of the process. Quick and painless, as the first time!

Just to show you how quickly the “mosquito bite” injections go down, I had the second procedure done on a Thursday at 3:00pm, and I attended my friend’s wedding on Saturday afternoon. Here’s a photo of me wearing just tinted SPF on my face to the wedding dinner. I looked radiant all night thanks to my first and now second dose of Profhilo.

Final Thoughts

Here is my final, what I call “After-After” photo, about 4 weeks after the second injection. You can see not only the glow but also that my cheeks have a hint of extra volume, which is what contributes to that “you, but younger” effect of Profhilo. This is what Dr. Tan talked about when he said Profhilo “isn’t a filler but acts like one.”

The thing is, Profhilo is very subtle. VERY subtle. This is one of those procedures that does make you look a few years younger not because it is filling in all your wrinkles or preventing you from moving your face, but because it gives you a healthy glow and a little bit of extra help where you need it. The type of healthy radiance and brightened complexion you get from two Profhilo injections can probably be achieved with some skin boosters as well, but you would have to come in over a period of 3 months, once a month, and get injections all over your face, not just 5 points, to get similar results. It also would work quite well in conjunction with other procedures, like fillers or microneedling, so that you can maximize results.

*Please note that Ministry of Health Regulations prevent us from showing you Before/After images next to one another. Once you book an appointment, the doctor should be able to provide those images in person for your review.

Watch the whole process of getting Profhilo here:

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