My Korean Skin Analysis Experience at Cellcure Lab in Seoul

Having trouble deciding which skin products are best for you? Amy from Eunogo shares her experience getting a personal skin analysis and check-up in Seoul. 

I see many customers come to us at Eunogo with different skin issues. While it's great to get the right and effective skin procedures, it is not always easy to get procedures budget-wise and timewise while traveling in Seoul. And even if we get a procedure, maintenance with the self-care and right skincare products is equally critical.

So, I wanted to introduce and share my review on Personal Skin Analysis and Checkup program. This program is recommended for everyone including those of who are not familiar with skincare and not sure where to start, as well as the beauty gurus because why not check up on your skin time to time just like getting an annual health checkup for our body? 

So What Is It Exactly? 

Personal Skin Analysis and Check-up program is developed by one of the largest Korean skincare and pharma companies called Celltrion. The skincare specialists at Celltrion will diagnose your skin condition through high-technology beauty equipment and suggest correct cosmetic usage and customized solutions for your skin type. And it comes with a goodie bag of prescribed samples of Korean skincare products!  

Celltrion Skincure Center

The program is done at the Cellcure Lab at Celltrion Skincure Center in Seoul. It is located in the Gangnam area and right in front of the subway station so it was very easy to get to and go shopping right after since it is really close to Garosu-gil which is one of our favorite shopping and cafe districts. When I reached the building, I could already feel this was gonna be great. 

The Cellcure Lab is located on the 4th floor. The entire floor is designed for the skin analysis.


Technology, Janus

Skin analysis is a great way to find out what skin type you have and what is going on underneath the skin. Cellcure lab uses the machine called Janus.  

Janues took three pictures of my face to look at the level of pigmentation, wrinkle, pores, sebum, and skin tone. After taking photos, the computer system compared my levels to the average level of the same age group.

The Results

My skin type can be described simply as OSPT.

It stands for Oily, Sensitive, Pigmented, and Tight Skin condition.

Compared to the average level, I had a lot of sebum on my nose and cheek closer to the nose (a,k.a. butterfly zone). And I also had larger and deeper pores on those areas because of my previous bad habit of squeezing blackheads with my hands. Honestly, I was so shocked to see all the sebum hidden there and felt so dirty. I just wanted to get rid of them immediately!

I have quite sensitive skin. I would get red and sting when I use a wrong product.

I also loved to tan outside but did not put on a lot of sunscreens....! This caused me to have some uneven pigmentation all throughout my face and generally darker skin tone.

Thankfully, I did not have wrinkles appearing yet. But as you know, after 25 years old, the skin starts to aging. I am determined to use eye cream every day from now on!!

Using the Right Products

After the skin analysis, the consultant took me to this table of many different types of products. I was able to test which one is right for me.

She recommended this really mild and light skincare line. Water type is more suitable for my skin condition and won't disturb my skin too much. Since I have a high level of sebum throughout my butterfly zone, I should avoid using thick sticky cream type, especially on that area.

I was also recommended to use two types of cleansers when I cleanse my face. First, oil-type cleanser to melt down the sebum and blackheads and then use gel type cleanser to clear out the rest of the oil on my face. Because the residue of the oil cleanser also causes acne or break-out on my face. I was trying out the samples they gave me and the result was amazing. I thought only squeezing by hand will give this much clean pores but I was wrong. After massaging the butterfly zone with the oil type and then gel type cleanser. I could no longer see the whiteheads sticking out of the pores anymore. Plus my skin felt so smooth and didn't feel dry at all. And of course, make-up went on so well the next day!

The great thing about this place is that you can try all the products you want, especially the right products for your skin type and purchase it just downstairs. 

The Importance of Sunblock

I used to think that putting on sunblock only protects my skin from getting tan. Mostly pigmentation matters.

However, according to the consultant, it also protects skin texture and keeps the skin barrier healthy.

I tried a sample of their sunblock for a few days and went back to get the product because the texture was really light yet it was effective.

Many people say that you need to put a lot of sunscreens to actually keep your face protected. However, many sunblock products cause a white cast and are really oily. This one was different. My face had a dewy look but it was not sticky or slippery. It also blocks blue light coming out of your laptop monitor or your smart phone. It even cools down your face. I was like... I need to get this one!! and I got one and I like it! If you have a chance to get the skin analysis at here, I really recommend you to try the products here.

90 Minutes Will Change You

Not only did I find out my skin type and the right product types for me, but I also learned a few skincare tips as well.

That 90 minutes really changed the way I take care of my skin now and I am well aware of what I need to do to help my skin look its best.

For those who are new to skincare and beauty products, you will learn a lot from this program. Even for those of who are already experts, you will also get to try out other skincare options out there!

If you are coming to Korea and have difficult skin, I highly recommend this Personal Skin Analysis and Check-up program to better understand your skin type. I hope you will enjoy this experience as much as I did.  

This program used to be only accessible in Korean language but now you can enjoy this in English or Mandarin via Eunogo. If you want to book this program, you can schedule and purchase the program here.

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