Skin Botox, a secret to Korean women's porcelain skin

skin botox

Skin Botox ($440), one of up-to-date beauty technologies, is a customized procedure for preventing the signs of aging and maintain younger looks. Unlike traditional Botox procedure, which is injected directly to the local area, Skin Botox is injected to various layers of skin over time. Therefore, it barely causes muscular paralysis. Also It highly improves elasticity of skin, for it can treat unwrinkled skins with which traditional one can’t deal with. Last but not least, it smoothens actual fine wrinkles, and revises square jaw, too!

Shh...! Let's take peep into secret of porcelain skin!
  • Operation time: 45 minutes including consultation & numbing cream application
  • Maintenance: 4 to 6 months
  • Treatment areas: Whole face or partially 
  • Downtime: You can immediately return to daily activities
    As much as you care about the actual procedure, you must pay attention to aftercare precautions. 
    • Do not excessively rub your treated area after procedure.
    • Avoid going to sauna at least for 3 weeks after the procedure.
    • Avoid alcohol and smoking at least for 1 week after the procedure.
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