Spring time! Here are our few tips for glowing and brighter skin

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K-beauty’s whitening secrets are widely welcomed worldwide nowadays! We prepared this piece for those of you who dream of fair and flawless skin.
No matter how much Hollywood celebrities boast their beautifully tanned skin and stores overflow with sensational tanning items, still K-Beauty worships the brightening type of makeup methods. Since K-beauty is all about brightening makeup, there must be diverse methods developed for maintaining milky-white skin, right? Today we will share tips helpful for whitening our skin.
Are you wondering what you should choose between diverse whitening products and numerous dermatologist treatments? But if the essential basic principles are not practiced, all the costs and time for your skin would be to no avail.
The basic principles are taking more than 8 cups of water a day and making sure to apply sunscreen. It is also important to use moisturizer products for thorough hydration on your skin. All these are to prevent dryness, the worst enemy of our skin, and to prevent against blemish from forming. If you disregard guarding against UV rays, you would regret it later on. Applying sunscreen is listed on numerous celebrities’ must-do beauty habits, and we advise you to do so likewise!
Diet habits are also very important as well. Taking in vitamin C through green vegetables like paprika or broccoli and fruits like strawberry or apple would be part of it. If you were too busy to mind it, though it might be a bit insufficient, you could try taking it through nutritional supplements or supplementary health food? 
Cleansing everyday thoroughly and exfoliating regularly 1-2 times a week also are beauty secrets of celebrities. Melanin pigment is increased when you are tired so sleeping enough and sleeping during the time when cells are regenerated, from 10pm to 2am, helps too.
In fact, it is hard to maintain skin permanently. If you want to hold your skin state well enough while it changes according to your body condition or ageing, sticking to basic habits would be necessary.
Still, not enough: helpful treatments for defending fair skin!
Only less than 30% of people visiting hospital knows what treatments are necessary for their skin. According to pigment depths, different types of treatments would be needed in a combination, so it is important to start treatments after knowing your skin state through skin diagnostic devices.
The biggest enemies against whitening, such as chloasma, freckles, and facial flushing, etc. many times require medical treatments. Whitening products have their limits. To effectively solve complex pigment troubles, methods such as laser toning/ ND-YAG/ skin-lightening care can be used. If your skin is sensitive or dry, water-shine injection can be added. You can check out the detailed stories on each laser treatments in our upcoming articles!
Last words to emphasize here is that popular treatments wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate for you, and that sticking with only one type of treatment for long wouldn’t be desirable. Since treatments have to change to match your skin state, it is not recommendable to go for a treatment just because some clinics provide popular treatment package. Don’t be fooled by them!
Trained dermatologists select different devices according to individual skin state and its causes. It is important to choose a clinic that has a high level of understanding on patients coming from abroad. But preference for lightened skin is a matter of individual taste, and please don’t forget it is best to make a healthy skin state that fits you. Contact us now for skin whitening consultation!
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