Turn your facial light on with ‘whitening’ treatments!

What do you find so attractive about Korean celebrities on stage or TV screens? Not to mention their tight-toned body but it’s their pale and lily-white skin that makes them so glowing in front of the camera. Some people are lucky enough to be born with white and fair skin than others, but it’s your ‘efforts’ that count more to keep nice skin as your skin ages. We’ll share some of the most effective ‘whitening’ treatments that can brighten up your face from the very inner skin tissue.


whitening in korea

#1 Glutathione Injection
Glutathione Injection is known as ‘Beyonce Injection’ or ‘IU Injection’ to the public since their skin tone has gone much whiter and brighter over time by receiving this injection on a regular basis. (word on the street!)
Glutathione is like a small form of protein that consists of three different amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. Among different melanin that determine human’s skin color, glutathione specifically decreases black melanin pigments that make skin dark. Moreover, it vitalizes metabolic process of creating brown melanin that makes skin brighter. Small particles of glutathione are naturally formed inside our body along with antioxidants and amino acids. When sufficient amount of glutathione is injected into our body, our skin tone from head to toe naturally whitens and brightens up.
What are the major benefits?
  • Whitens skin tone: controls melanin formation and brightens up skin tone and improves skin complexion
  • Anti-aging: increases skin elasticity and prevents from aging through strong sulfating process
  • Relieves fatigue: excretes waste matters such as heavy metals from the body and detoxifies liver functions
  • Boosts immunity level: enhances physical strength
Proper dosage of glutathione (colorless liquid) is injected directly to your blood vessels and you’ll get a shot on your arm for about 10-15 minutes while you lie down comfortably on a treatment bed.
#2 E-Toning (Whitening Laser)
whitening in korea
E-Toning is more advanced version of whitening laser that combines merits of both IPL laser and laser toning. The laser destroys only the ‘selected’ melanin pigments of freckles and stains on the epidermis and dermis skin layer. E-Toning is also known for giving a very least stimulation or irritation to pigment cells and gradually reduces the range of melanin pigments. It has been reported that E-Toning gives only minimum level of thermal damage to surrounding skin tissues so there’s less chance of suffering from like hypochromatism or PIH that can occur as side effects during other laser treatments.
The areas that can be treated include freckles, blemishes, pigmentation and other pigment related diseases.  
What are the core merits?
  • It's safe & effective even on sensitive skins​ with lower risk of side effects and pain compared to ordinary laser treatments
  • Short recovery  time and does not affect daily life
  • It only destroys ‘selected’ freckles and pigmentation areas and gives curing and whitening effects at once


Post-care tips
  • The treated area may turn a bit read right after, but it will cool down within a couple of hours. Putting cold packs on the area is recommended
  • Apply sun block at all times - when you go out or even when you stay inside.

More info?

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  • Please note that effects and benefits of the whitening treatments ‘vary’ in degree and in time depending on individual physical/skin conditions and different metabolism.
  • We recommend you to exercise, maintain healthy habits (healthy eating) and combine with other skin treatments to get ‘most’ out of the treatments!
  • Make sure only certified, safe and proper amount of ingredients are used for the treatment.
  • Last but not least, always consult with a professional dermatologist for accurate information that best fits your individual needs and conditions.