Celebrity Skin: Fraxel Away Pores

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Loss of firmness, clogged pores and acne scars that keep getting bigger and bigger, incompatible with even the best makeup products, and increased sebum due to heat that leads to more blackheads. Large visible pores and acne scars dragging your self esteem down? We have selected two proven to be effective treatment options for your skin woes.

Fraxel is a safe and effective treatment, despite being around for quite some time and new releases, it’s long running popularity as a summertime staple among local clients backs up its credibility. It’s recommended for people who want to reduce pores, acne, acne scars, and freckles. 

What’s Included

  • 1:1 medical consultation
  • Fraxel Package option of your choice (Fraxel + PRP or Fraxel + Baby Cell Therapy)
  • Skin Detox for rejuvenation and faster recovery 
  • 1:1 medical translator in English or Mandarin
    Program (Duration 90 min)
    1. Skin consultation
    2. Deep cleansing
    3. Numbing cream
    4. Fraxel treatment 
    5. Skin Detox
    6. Skin soothing 
    Available Options
    For more drastic improvements, we've paired Fraxel with other treatments that work well together, Baby Cell Therapy or PRP. 
    1. Fraxel
    2. Fraxel & Baby Cell Therapy to regenerate damaged skin, whiten, and reduce signs of aging
    3. Fraxel & PRP to visibly reduce wrinkles and signs of aging

    How to book

    1. Schedule - Select a date & time and complete your purchase. 
    2. Confirmation letter - Our concierge team will send you a confirmation email with directions.  
    3. Enjoy your treatment - Simply tell your name or show your confirmation at the reception. 

    About the clinic
    A medically and celebrity certified clinic in the trendy Garosu-Gil/ Sinsa area of Gangnam. The clinic is lead by two reputable female dermatologists, Dr. Choi Seunghye and Dr. Lee Hyeri. Dr. Choi graduated from the Catholic University School of Medicine where she is adjunct professor at the Department of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lee graduated from Yonsei University’s Medical School and was trained at Yonsei Severance Hospital. Celebrity clients include Suzy, BTS, Chae Soobin, Joo, and Jo Kwon.

    Operation hours

    • Mon-Thu 10am-7pm (1pm-2pm Break time)
    • Fri 10am-9pm (1pm-2pm Break time)
    • Sat 10am-4pm
    • Closed on Sundays and public holidays

      After Care Instruction - Click here

      Cancellation policy - Click here

      The level of effectiveness, recovery/maintenance period, and pain level may vary by individuals.

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