Celebrity Skin: Total Whitening

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Get one step closer to flawless complexion. Dark spots, freckles, moles, and general uneven skin tone is tiring to cover with heavy concealer that suffocates your skin. You can feel more confident and look even better with our curated package that effectively lasers all your pigmentation problems out of existence.

With the combination of ND-yag laser, laser toning and mole removal, you will be able to remove and reduce imperfections and discolouration such as moles, dark spots, freckles, spider veins, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and pore. You’ll be left only with collagen filled, smooth, and rejuvenated skin! 

What’s Included

  • 1:1 medical consultation
  • Whitening Program of your choice
  • 1:1 medical translator in English or Mandarin

Program (Duration: 90 mins)

  1. 1:1 Skin Consultation
  2. Deep cleansing
  3. Numbing cream - Total option only
  4. Laser treatment - Laser toning (light) or Laser toning with ND-yag (total)
  5. Mole removal (up to 5 moles) - Total option only 
  6. Skin relaxation

Available Options

  1. Light - Laser toning only program to erase dark spots and freckles and brighten the skin tone. Three to Ten sessions recommended depending on your dark spots and number of freckles.  
  2. Total - A combination of ND-yag laser, laser toning and mole removal, suitable for those who can visit the clinic only one time. 

How to book

  1. Schedule - Select a date & time and complete your purchase. 
  2. Confirmation letter - Our concierge team will send you a confirmation email with directions.  
  3. Enjoy your treatment - Simply tell your name or show your confirmation at the reception. 

    About the clinic
    A medically and celebrity certified clinic in the trendy Garosu-Gil/ Sinsa area of Gangnam. The clinic is lead by two reputable female dermatologists, Dr. Choi Seunghye and Dr. Lee Hyeri. Dr. Choi graduated from the Catholic University School of Medicine where she is adjunct professor at the Department of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lee graduated from Yonsei University’s Medical School and was trained at Yonsei Severance Hospital. Celebrity clients include Suzy, BTS, Chae Soobin, Joo, and Jo Kwon.

    Opening hours

    • Mon-Thu 10am-7pm (1pm-2pm Break time)
    • Fri 2pm-9pm 
    • Sat 10am-4pm
    • Closed on Sunday

        After Care Instruction - Click here

        Cancellation Policy - Click here

        The level of effectiveness, recovery/maintenance period, and pain level may vary by individuals.

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