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Acne Detox & Soothing Care

$149 USD

Acne is one of the most difficult problems to treat only with home-care. It's easy to irritate your skin and form acne scars if you try to extract the acne yourself. It is essential to get help from a professional aesthetician and dermatologist for proper acne care. This procedure will cleanse the clogged pores and clarify your skin. Also, through their special skin rejuvenation & moisture care, you will be able to get an improved water-oil balance.

If you want to get a more intensive program, you can select the Intensive option that includes Spectra Peel Laser, also known as the “Hollywood Peel”. Spectra Peel Laser helps rejuvenate the appearance of acne scars, damaged skin, as well as enlarged pores. It is great when used in combination with acne extraction as it also reduces the risks of acne scarring.


What’s Included:
  • 1:1 Medical Consultation
  • Acne Extraction
  • Aqua Peel
  • Spectra Peel Laser (Intensive option only)
  • Rejuvenation & Moisture Skin Treatment Care
  • English-speaking staff available at the clinic  

Program (Duration: 90-120 mins)

  1. 1:1 Skin Consultation
  2. Deep Cleansing
  3. Acne Extraction
  4. Aqua Peel Machine Care (Pore Cleansing)
  5. Spectra Peel Laser Care (Intensive option only)
  6. Rejuvenation & Moisture Skin Treatment Care
  7. Skin Relaxation


Nana Plastic Surgery is located in the Gangnam area and has a separate Dermatology center with 3 female dermatologists, Dr. Kim JiEun, Dr. Park YooMi, and Dr. Sang JeongEun. The clinic brings the best experts in each area to generate and find the best results by consulting based on the patient's needs and wants.

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Sat 10am-7pm
  • Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


  1. Basic - Acne Extraction + Aqua Peel +Rejuvenation & Moisture Skin Treatment 
  2. Intensive - Basic option + Spectra Peel Laser which helps for acne scars, damaged skin and pores reduction. 

    How to book

    1. Schedule - Select a date & time and complete your purchase. 
    2. Confirmation letter - Our concierge team will send you a confirmation email with directions.  
    3. Enjoy your treatment - Simply tell your name or show your confirmation at the reception. 


    The level of effectiveness, recovery/maintenance period, and pain level may vary by individuals.

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