Post-Surgery Recovery Therapy: Aqua Bed + Oxygen Capsule Therapy

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We know it was a hard decision to finally chose to go for beauty procedures such as anti-aging, cosmetic surgery or slimming procedures out of your busy schedule. So why not include this recovery therapy to minimize swelling and bruises and recover faster? This premium post-op recovery program composes of Aqua Bed and Oxygen Capsule Therapy will help you heal faster by improving the metabolism and facilitating circulation. Receive the best of both worlds with this exclusive package of both therapies.

*Separate options for either Aqua Bed or Oxygen Capsule Therapy are also available.

*Oxygen Capsule Therapy is not suitable for who have claustrophobia. 

What’s included

  • 1:1 consultation with a therapist
  • Post-surgery recovery program - Oxygen capsule and Aqua bed therapy
  • English speaking staff

Available options

  1. 1 session  - Suitable for those who stay in Korea less than 5 days.
  2. 5 sessions  - Intensive 5-day daily sessions. Suitable for those who want to minimize the swelling and recover as fast as they can. 

    Program (Duration: 80 min)

    1. Consultation
    2. Oxygen Capsule Therapy (30 min) - By delivering sufficient oxygen to your body, it helps enhancing cell activation and immune system, reducing body toxin and fatigue substances.
    3. Aqua Bed Therapy (30 min)The customized water pressure based on your body condition relaxes the muscles, giving a soft and perfect comfort while reducing the swelling.      
    4. Relax

    About SPA

    Located inside a premium medical healing care hotel in Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam, this Spa is an affordable luxury spa that offers a diverse range of treatments with high-end equipment from thermal therapies to the latest beauty treatments. The spa offers exclusive personalized treatment to each customer. The therapists are all fully qualified, have wealth of experience, and offer a personal and professional approach.

    Operation hours 

    • Mon-Sun 10am-10pm
    • Always opened 

    How to book

    1. Purchase Confirmation- After successful purchase, our coordinator will send you a voucher valid for 6 months since purchase, with our concierge direct contact number.
    2. Make your booking- Select a date, time and request to book an appointment. Please book at least 7 days in advance.
    3. Enjoy your treatment- Simply tell your name or show your voucher at the reception.

    For questions, send us a consultation request or email us (

    Precautions -  Not suitable for those with claustrophobia or scars on body. 

    After Care Instruction - Click here

    Cancellation Policy - Click here

    The level of effectiveness, recovery/maintenance period, and pain level may vary by individuals.

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