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AHC Natural Perfection Sun Stick

$15 USD

AHC Natural Perfection Sun Stick SPF50+/PA++++ is a stickiness-free product that protects skin from ultraviolet and near-infrared rays. It's matte finish is the new type of sun stick from AHC launched newly in 2020. AHC's unique Nano Emulsion technology, which helps improve effective skin penetration and absorption, quickly applies skin protection and soothing effects to keep skin healthy. It is an easy-to-carry sun care item suitable for frequent use during the day.

We recommend this item to both male and female customers of all ages who want a refreshing and effective sun care item without leaving a sticky feel or shininess.  




    UV IR Block with UV and infrared radiation blocking components

    Unlike previous products that were only able to block UV rays, we applied 'UV IR Block' which is a patented component that blocks near-infrared rays at the same time.

    Applying Phyto Protect Complex, a natural-originated independent component that protects skin from external stimuli
    The natural ingredients that protect the skin from various external stimuli are carefully selected and formulated using AHC's own method (Nano Emulsions) to help soothe and care the skin.

    Mild prescription for safe use by children, adults, and sensitive skin
    Complete ophthalmic compatibility test, sensitive skin fit test, skin primary irritation test Products that can be used by the entire family with natural ingredients.

    Size: 22g 


    How to Use

    1. In the last step of skincare, turn the dial at the bottom of the container to raise the contents by 5mm and apply lightly from inside to outside of the face.
    2. Apply it frequently to all areas (face and body) that require UV protection while carrying it.


    • Phyto Protect Complex: The natural ingredients formulated by AHC’s unique ‘Nano Emulsion’ Technology help soothe and protect skin from various external stimuli.
    • Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract and Bambusa Vulgaris Extract: It helps solve various skin concerns by cooling down skin heated by external stressors.
    • Five kinds of clean natural water: The five kinds of clean natural water enrich the feeling of freshness and hydration, keeping skin moisturized.


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