Where to get the best beauty and wellness treatments in Seoul

Whether you are interested in k-beauty or not, you probably have come across bb-creams, sheet masks, or anything else from the new beauty capital of the world. Little do you know, those ever-changing products are just a glimpse of what actual Korean women take on to get their glowing and youthful complexions; over here it’s no secret that the true answer lies within the busy streets of Gangnam. We are talking about Derma-shine, laser toning, Fraxel, Excel-v, the list goes on. Can’t keep up? Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered.

We opened Eunogo for foreigners visiting Seoul, who want to experience Korean beauty clinics but don’t know where to go, which procedure is right for them, and can’t communicate in Korean. Our carefully selected experiences are only with the most reputable clinics and come with a Eunogo medical translator all at half the price you would have to pay elsewhere. All clinics have passed our strict screening criteria and we create packages based on what each clinic does best and what is most popular among local trendsetters and celebrities. Whether you are in Seoul with friends and family, business, or to experience the culture, you can beautify and enjoy yourself with our trustworthy picks. 

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