AK Posture Correction Treatment

$200 USD $220 USD

Celebrities' secret to looking fabulous on and off camera? It's not a fancy dress or professional makeup. It is good posture that helps you naturally radiate glamour, grace and confidence. A good posture also helps with facial asymmetry correction, weight loss and pain relief.

Chaum's AK posture correction is a medicine recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and also a well-known treatment in the US, Canada and Europe. It is a functional medicine that treats joints and muscles that cause pain after measuring and evaluating the functional problems of the whole body from a neurological standpoint, including functional chronic pain as opposed to caused by a disease, posture, body shape, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and scoliosis as well as facial asymmetry, pelvic tilt and functional problems of the foot. 

Through this 40 minute treatment, achieve a red-carpet posture and have a star-caliber stance! 

[COVID-19 Related Advisory] All customers who enter South Korea from overseas can visit this facility after 14 days of stay in South Korea. Please keep this in mind when you schedule a booking. 


    What’s Included

    • Medical Consultation 
    • AK Posture Correction Treatment
    • 1:1 Concierge Service (English, Chinese, Russian)

    Program (Duration: 40 mins) 

    1. 1:1 Medical Consultation (10 mins)
    2. Photoshoot & Posture Analysis (5 mins)
    3. AK posture & facial asymmetry correction treatments (20 mins)
    4. Photoshoot for Before/After Comparison & Posture Analysis (5 mins)


    Since Opening of CHAUM back in 2010, CHAUM offers various health services for both domestic and overseas visitors.  Area of medical services is in western, integrated oriental, and alternative medicine. Chaum also provides medical services by detecting diseases at an early stage, preventing diseases through DNA testing, and protecting one's health through stem cell banking services. 

    Opening Hours

    • Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
    • Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

    How to book

    1. Schedule - Select a date & time and complete your purchase. 
    2. Confirmation letter - Our concierge team will send you a confirmation email with directions.  
    3. Enjoy your treatment - Simply tell your name or show your confirmation at the reception. 


    The level of effectiveness, recovery/maintenance period, and pain level may vary by individuals.

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