All Layer Liposuction

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The fat layers varies largely from thin, medium, to deep, depending on the skin depth. All layer liposuction is most effective as it is able to remove fat evenly from all thin, medium, and deep layers. From right above the muscles to below the skin, all layer liposuction leaves only fat that is necessary and is able to remove all excess fat. This is a procedure that requires experienced expert for safe and satisfactory results, luckily for you we found just the clinic that has been specializing in body contouring for 13 years and all layer lipo is one of their specialties.

Available areas

Thighs, Knees, Calves, Arms, Upper back, Abdominal, Waistline (side fat)
and Face.

What’s included

  • 1:1 medical consultation & design
  • All Layer Liposuction 
  • 1:1 medical translator in English or Mandarin

Program (Duration: 2 hours)

Recommended stay in Korea 7 to 10 days for aftercare and recovery. 

  1. Medical Consultation & Check-up
  2. Sizing
  3. Design
  4. Preparation and anaesthesia
  5. Smartlipo TPX check (if necessary)
  6. Liposuction
  7. Recovery Room
  8. Stitch removal
  9. Aftercare

About the Clinic

Specialized in liposuction for 13 years the small clinic located in Sinsa, Gangnam has had no medical accidents to date and is always safety first. The latest in medical technology and the skill of Dr. Young Gi Min makes sure all clients are satisfied with their experience from consultation to aftercare. Dr. Min is a surgeon that takes great pride in his work and the results of his patients, constantly trying to improve his practice and the clinics service to be the best any client could ask for.

Operating hours

  • Weekdays 9:30AM to 7PM
  • Saturdays 9:30AM to 4PM
  • Closed on Sundays and public holidays

How to book

  1. Purchase Confirmation - After successful purchase, our coordinator will send you a voucher valid for 6 months since purchase, with our concierge direct contact number.
  2. Make your booking - Select a date, time and request to book an appointment. Please book at least 7 days in advance.
  3. Enjoy your treatment - Simply tell your name or show your voucher at the reception.

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The level of effectiveness, recovery/maintenance period, and pain level may vary by individuals.