D:O2 Activator (Toner/Mist)

$66 USD

D:O2 Activator is an oxygen and mineral rich facial mist, which can be used as toner as well. This product revitalizes skin through dual sources of oxygen that comes from highly dissolved oxygen deep sea water and oxygen activated through the cartridge. Highly recommended for aging, dull skin for skin rejuvenation. Use this as the toner step as well as during the day as a mist.  

The OxygenCeutical™ is a post-procedure targeted brand and used by over 500 skin clinics in South Korea. The brand was developed 15 years ago in South Korea based on the research idea that oxygen was the best therapy for problematic and post procedures skin conditions. In addition to pure and stabilized oxygen, the brand offers powerful skin rejuvenating benefits with pharmaceuticals grade actives. Plant based stem cells, peptides, epidermal growth factors and botanical extracts are fed on skin through the advanced ceutisome™ delivery technology. 


    Harnessing the power of pure oxygen, this activator is loaded with 125PP dissolved oxygen-filled cartridge to achieve 3 effects:

    1) Protect skin from pollution free-radical damage. 

    2) Rapidly cools and calms the skin. Enhancing skin barrier functions.

    3) Vitalizing skin barrier and rebuild skin moisture factors

    It contains high amount of dissolved oxygen and over 100 kinds of minerals and potassium that are good for body circulation and cells regeneration. Vital minerals derived from deep sea water instantly calms and soothe sensitive and dry skin.

    It is suitable for aging skin lacking of moisture and elasticity, dull skin tone with all day makeup.

    Size: 50ML

    How to Use

    1. Remove safety cap located at the bottom of the bottle
    2. Turn the cartridge clockwise (to the right)
    3. Spray from about 20-30cm apart from face. Gently pat for absorption.
    4. Caution: Do not open bottle to prevent oxygen pressure leakage


    • Adenosine
      • Enhance skin’s elasticity to improve skin’s wrinkles
      • Revive tired skin
    • Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract
      • Prevent skin aging by inhibiting harmful oxygen activity by anti-inflammatory action
    • Sodium PCA
      • Main ingredient of natural moisturizing factor
      • Moisturizes and keeps skin moisturized
      • Soft and smooth uneven texture
    • Hydrolized Collagen
      • Gives to skin vitality and conditioning
      • Moisturizes skin and keeps skin moisturized


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