Jewelry Plastic Surgery

Korean Face Contouring Surgery - Cheekbone, Jaws and Chin

$4,900 USD $7,900 USD

Face Contouring Surgery can be largely divided into bone surgery and muscle/fat layer reduction surgery. Face contouring bone surgeries include cheekbone reduction, square jaw surgery, and/or chin tip surgery.

Cheekbone reduction surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of cheekbone if the cheekbone is relatively protruding while the upper and lower teeth meet normally. The incisions are usually made in the mouth or from the hairline.

Square jaw surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of the lower jaw with an incision in the mouth for cases where the lower jaw is protruding.

Chin tip surgery targets asymmetrical or unbalanced jaw/chin. There are a variety of surgery methods, and it is determined after a consultation.

Jewelry Plastic Surgery conducts advanced 3DCT*, a systematic thorough examination to ensure an even contour.

*3DCT: The size, thickness, vessel, and nerve line of the face bone are analyzed in 0.1mm increments.


What’s Included:
  • 1:1 Medical Consultation & Design
  • Face Contouring Surgery - choice of cheekbone reduction, jaw reduction and/or chin tip surgery. 
  • 1 Day Hospitalization 
  • Post-surgery checkups & disinfection - On day 1, 3, 7 after surgery
  • Post-operative Care: Helium Neon Laser, Smart Lux, or Thermal High Frequency Care
  • 1:1 Medical Translator in English or Bahasa 
  • Pick-up/Drop-off Service on surgery date 
  • Private Airport Transfers 
  • Recovery food service x 2 meals 

Program (Duration: 4 hours)

  1. 1:1 medical consultation
  2. Preoperative check-up, paperwork & photography
  3. Surgery preparation
  4. Face contouring surgery (general anesthesia) - 1 hour or more depending on type of surgeries and complexity 
  5. Recovery 
  6. Hospitalization for 1 day (inpatient room in hospital) or discharge on day of surgery depending on individuals and surgery time.
  7. Post-surgery checkups and aftercare over 1-2 weeks 

Stitch removal is usually done after 2 weeks, but they can be removed earlier if healing well. You can also remove the stitches in your local clinic after returning to your home country.

Post-surgery program information 

- Helium Neon Laser: The first gas laser with a red wavelength of 632.8nm made of a mixture medium of 90% helium and 10% neon. It facilitates skin tissue metabolism and promotes normal skin recovery by inducing skin regeneration. If skin regeneration is promoted and used for burns, skin wounds, etc., the scars will be quickly healed. The infrared wavelength can be adjusted, which can be applied to various concerns such as acne, inflammation, shingles, and neuralgia.

- Smart Lux: Light energy is penetrated deeper than the dermis layer of the skin and light energy is absorbed in the cell. Cells become more active and function as young cells after activating the energy. Not only does cell regeneration increase, but it also improves the circulation of the blood to produce collagen and elastin. It also calms down swelling, pain and bruises to prevent discomfort in daily life.

- Thermal High Frequency Care: It is a product called RF-SOYA PLUS that is used to induce collagen generation and to improve wrinkles, sagging skin elasticity, and to promote lymphatic circulation.

* Post-operative treatments may differ depending on personal condition after surgery. Personalized care is conducted in consultation with the medical team.


    This is a clinic that is frequented by many famous Korean celebrities. Located within five minutes walk from Garosugil , it is easy to shop and visit good restaurants nearby. The real-name system of the medical team in charge will be implemented and the exclusive medical team, counselor, and coordinator assigned will be the same from consultation to surgery so that patients feel assured. As safety is important, two anesthesiologists will be present 24 hours a day, 365 days. They will be responsible for safe surgery, both before and after the surgery. Surgeries are conducted by medical staff specializing in each field with extensive clinical experience within their eight specialist centers, always doing their best to ensure satisfactory surgical results.

    Opening Hours

    • Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
    • Sat 10am-4pm
    • Bookings must be pre-arranged on Sundays and Public Holidays


    Choose from cheekbones, square jaw or chin tip.

    1. 1 area - a choice of cheekbone reduction, square jaw surgery, and/or chin tip surgery.
    2. 2 areas - two choices of cheekbone reduction, square jaw surgery, and/or chin tip surgery.
    3. 3 areas - all of cheekbone reduction, square jaw surgery, and chin tip surgery.

      How to book

      1. Get a Quote - Please submit our quote request or contact our concierge at for free.
      2. Consultation - you will receive an online consultation result and quote with an exclusive discount rate. 
      3. Schedule your trip - Select a date & time for your procedure. 
      4. Confirmation letter - Our concierge team will send you a confirmation email with details including itinerary and precautions.
      5. See you in Korea - From airport pickup to clinic medical concierge, we will take care of you in Korea!


      Preoperative Precautions

      - Don't take blood-thinning drugs (such as contraceptives, hormones, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) for two weeks prior to surgery, and if you're under treatment for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and thyroid gland, please let us know in advance.
      - Smoking can cause phlegm or sneezes and cause post-operative bleeding, so it is recommended that you stop for three days before surgery. Also, if you have a bad common cold, your airway and breathing organs may be abnormal, so please tell us before surgery.
      - On the day of surgery, it is recommended to wash your entire body with mild soap and contact lenses, precious metals, accessories, manicures, and makeup can interfere with surgery, so remove them before you come to the hospital.
      - Prepare comfortable clothing (loose shirt or hoodie), masks, scarves, hats, and glasses that do not irritate the surgical area. It's hard to drive after surgery, so please come with a guardian.

      Postoperative Precautions

      - For seven days after surgery, it is recommended to eat soft foods (drinking soft drinks such as rice, juice, milk, etc.) and after that, you can have normal meals. However, it is recommended to avoid hard and tough food for about four weeks.
      - Don't lower your head or lie face down when you sleep. Sleeping with 2-3 soft pillows will help ease swelling and pain.
      - In case of incision in the mouth during surgery, gargle should be used after meals to prevent inflammation or infection in the mouth.
      - When recovering from surgery, do not open your mouth too wide for a month or so, and do not open your mouth too wide for about two months, but don't worry about the general symptoms of recovery.
      - During post-operative recovery, the lower lip area may experience numbness for 1-2 months, but don't worry about the general symptoms of recovery.
      - It is recommended to be careful of strong shock during post-operative recovery period.
      -Drinking and smoking can be done at least four weeks from now, as it can cause the wound to heal slowly.

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