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Red-Fat Injection - Non-Surgical Calves Slimming Treatment

$550 USD $660 USD

Calves play a huge part in creating a slim and beautiful leg line. Yet, it is very difficult to get rid of muscular and bulky calves. This program is a combination of red-fat dissolving injection and calves botox will help you achieve slimmer leg line. The red-fat injection will help to remove extra fats, while the botox helps to relax the calf muscles.

Red-fat Injection promote lipid degradation and body circulation. It works by destroying and discharging fat cells, rather than reducing the size of fat cells. This allows the results to be long-lasting and maximized. This steroid-free injection is injected directly into the subcutaneous layer, making it very effective and safe. You can expect a size reduction, elimination of cellulite and increased skin elasticity.

This is a patented independent procedure that is developed by Cheongdam Jasminline Clinic in Seoul, Korea based on their technical skills and research. The fat cells typically degrade and discharge around 4 weeks after the treatment. This procedure is safer than getting a surgery since it improves the circulation of the entire body, and swelling is reduced. The retention period remains semi-permanent if there is no significant weight change.


What’s Included

  • 1:1 Medical Consultation & Design
  • Red-Fat Injection - Calves 
  • Botox (150 units)
  • Healite Aftercare Therapy
  • 1:1 Medical Translator in English, Bahasa or Chinese

Program (Duration: 60 mins)

  1. 1:1 Medical Consultation
  2. Photo-taking Before Procedure
  3. Numbing Cream
  4. Botox Procedure
  5. Red-fat Injection
  6. Photo-taking After Procedure
  7. Healite Therapy
  8. Relaxation

* Length of injection procedures: 10-15 mins

* Recovery period: Same day recovery (resume the daily activities right away)


Cheongdam Jasminline Clinic has performed more than 10,000 procedures for about 20 years since HPL was introduced for the first time in Korea. Patients can feel relieved knowing that this clinic has a lot of experience in slimming procedures. The clinic also offers a private, comfortable VIP room, and puts patient safety and hygiene first. It is located in Cheongdam-dong Luxury Shopping Street.

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri 10am-8pm
  • Sat 10am-5pm
  • Lunch Break 1pm-2pm
  • Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

How to book

  1. Get a Quote for Free - Please submit our quote request or contact our concierge at
  2. Online Consultation - you will receive an online consultation and quote.  
  3. Schedule - Schedule a date & time for your appointment. 
  4. See you at the clinic - Eunogo medical translator will be there to assist you with consultation. If you decide to do procedure, you can pay the quoted price directly at the clinic. 


The level of effectiveness, recovery/maintenance period, and pain level may vary by individuals.

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