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Skin Rejuvenating Booster Package by ID Hospital

$550 USD $660 USD

The package is recommended for those who have dull and tired skin and want to give a glowy, water-shine effect to your skin. This package consists of three types of boosters: Volite, Rejuran Healer and NCTF Filorga (aka Chanel Injection).


What’s Included:
  • 1:1 Medical Consultation & Design
  • Skin Rejuvenating Booster Package - Volite, Rejuran Healer, NCTF Filorga
  • 1:1 Medical Translator in English or Bahasa or Chinese

Program (Duration: 80 mins)

  1. 1:1 Medical Consultation
  2. Deep Cleansing
  3. Numb Cream (20-30 mins)
  4. Skin Rejuvenating Booster Package Treatment (40-60 mins)
  5. Soothing Pack/Cream - optional depending on skin condition 
  6. Skin Relaxation

*You can resume your daily activities right after the procedure.

*Maximum results will begin to show up 1-3 months after the procedure.

What is Volite?

Volite injection is suitable for those who want to improve fine wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead without the use of botox. It is also suitable for those with rough and dehydrated skin, overly-sensitive skin that is unsuitable for laser treatment and dull and loose skin.

Volite injects hyaluronic acid evenly into the 1mm depth dermal layer to make the skin moisturized and firm. Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin moist and elastic, and it can hold almost 20~100 times its own weight in water. Since it keeps your skin tissues well-lubricated and plump, it is effective on skin elasticity as well as fine wrinkles.It is very effective for those who feel the dryness from deep within your skin, even after applying lots of moisturizing cream. Our skin components will change as we age and the dermal layer becomes thinner and loses elasticity over time. Volite is very popular these days for its longer-lasting effects and lower pain level compared to other hydrating injections. ID Hospital has launched the Volite injection for the first time in Korea and has a highly experienced doctor who was a member of the Advisory Boards of Allergan Korea Ltd.

*Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that has a unique capacity in retaining water and is considered as one of the key components preventing skin aging.

*3 sessions are usually recommended for most hydrating injections for the maximum results, however, you will still be able to maintain the effects for long time (around 9 months) with just a single session.

What is Rejuran Healer?

It is recommended for those who have damaged skin due to aging and sun exposure or thinner skin caused by multiple laser treatments, and want to get back their healthy skin, reduce sebum (oil) production, tighten pores, reduce fine wrinkles and smoothen smile lines to restore youth. 

Rejuran Healer has been proven for its great effects on skin elasticity as well as anti-aging. You will experience the skin getting plumper as it restores collagen. It is effective not only for hydration but also for the regulation of oil production so it is highly effective for those who have oily skin too. The main ingredient of the injection is called Polynucleotide (PN) which is a strong skin tissue regenerative factor. It activates the revitalization of the skin and improves fundamental inner skin conditions. Since it stimulates the regeneration of key components of the skin which we lose with age, it is recommended for those who have skin problems such as loss of elasticity, wrinkles, huge pores, and dryness caused by aging as well as external environmental factors such as sun exposure, weather, or even stress. As it is injected directly into the dermal layer, it is more effective and the results appear more quickly. The pain level is also lower and it does not irritate your skin as compared to laser treatments. You will be able to feel smoother skin 3 to 5 days after the procedure as it regulates oil and moisture levels. Around 2 weeks after the procedure, you’ll be able to experience firmer and toned-up skin as it stimulates the collagen production, reducing fine wrinkles and pores. Rejuran Healer is the answer to bring back healthy and youthful skin.

What is NCTF Filorga Injection?

NCTF Filorga injection is a French-made skin booster which is composed of 53 active ingredients. It activates the function of fibroblasts that play a key role in skin condition. It is highly effective on skin pigmentation, wrinkles as well as dehydrated skin as it creates the most appropriate environment for your skin. The 53 complex components include 6 types of minerals, 23 types of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, 6 types of coenzymes, 12 types of vitamins, 5 types of nucleic acids, and various antioxidants.


    Founded in 1995, ID Hospital is one of the largest plastic surgery and dermatology hospitals in Korea. This 15-floor-hospital is located in Garosu-gil, Gangnam which is known for its many upscale boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and cafes. ID Hospital is endorsed by many Korean celebrities and K-Pop idol groups, and has since gained huge popularity among foreign patients from all over the world including USA, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and China. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists at ID Hospital have abundant experience since they have treated many cases from all over the world.

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    Options can be customized based on your skin concerns and conditions. Please request a quote for a free online consultation.

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      The level of effectiveness, recovery/maintenance period, and pain level may vary by individuals.

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