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XOUL's Ever Moist Lip Balm is the world's first stem cell culture fluid lip balm. It provides long-lasting moisturization with just one use and you'll see noticeable improvement in flakiness/dryness within a day!

It has an elegant texture that applies silky to the lips without stickiness. It also contains ingredients that can be found in lip fillers, which will keep your lips plump and moist!

XOUL is a K-beauty brand that specializes in cosmetics infused with Stem Cell Technology. Stem cell culture fluid has been proven to have various effects and results and has attracted a lot of attention and popularity as an ingredient for cosmetics. XOUL Cosmetic makes high-end stem cell cosmetics readily available to consumers.


    XOUL's Ever Moist Lip Balm is for all skin types. Suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant and breastfeeding mommies. 

    Size: 8g

    How to Use

    1. Apply it whenever you feel dry on your lips.
    2. Apply a small amount as a base before makeup, or apply it on lipstick after makeup.
    3. Gently exfoliate with the lip balm before you go to bed and apply a thick layer as a lip mask to wake up with soft lips in the morning.


    • Human Stem Cell Culture Fluid
      • Full of active ingredients with pH most similar to human skin
      • Anemarrhena Asphodeloides Root Extract
        • Effectively gives natural volume and bouncy lips
        • Patented Ingredient SYM3D
          • No artificial fragrances
          • Natural subtle scent from ingredients


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              Singapore Singapore
              Chic and effective lip balm!

              First thing that caught my attention was the gorgeous packaging! This is a luxe item you can carry around and proudly show off to your girlfriends. I love the non-sticky texture of the product. Great for both day and night use. As my lips are perpetually dry and peeling, the results were apparent from the first use. It's really long lasting so I only need to apply once in the morning to have glistening, plump and moisturised lips all day! The minty flavour is also very refreshing. I'm definitely going to continue using this product and can't wait to see more permanent results in the long term!

              Singapore Singapore
              Magic filler!

              It’s non sticky texture hydrates my lips really well! Not forgetting to mention there is a refreshing peppermint sensation too. It’s the worlds first stem cell lip balm formulated with volufiline (lip filler ingredient), spearmint oil & stem cell culture fluid. I love how it rejuvenates and plumps my lips!

              Samantha C.
              Singapore Singapore
              Works better than l could ever imagine!

              ⁣ Gladly ate my words! This lip balm does what my lip sleeping mask does and more in just a few hours. Best thing? It does not create a mess because it’s not sticky. Doesn’t taste strange. LOL trust me, you’d lick or taste anything that you apply on your lips. Some of them nasty and you wished you didn’t taste it. It’s minty which felt good on my torn lips. And the dried skin naturally peeled off without causing more pain or blood, revealing healthier skin under. ⁣ ⁣ Mind you, I only applied it twice a day after skincare but that was all I need? After only 3 days, my lips naturally looked better. Looks great on the 5th day! Still a few spots that need help but nothing this lip balm can’t help with a few more uses. ⁣ ⁣ I love love love this to death, haven’t touched my usual lip balms nor my lip sleeping masks as well because this just works. Works fast and works well!

              Anastasia P.
              Singapore Singapore
              Best lip balm!

              This lip balm is the best! It is not too heavy (although a bit thicker than the laneige sleeping mask), gives a nice peachy hue, and has a very pleasant tingle when applied. It also isn’t sticky or too heavy once on the lips despite being a bit thicker on application (I find the lineage to be thicker when on the lips than this one). Overall, a great purchase and I am excite to see the long term benefits of stem cells!

              Singapore Singapore
              Plump juicy lips in minutes

              As someone who has always desired fuller, plumper lips, I have to tell you, I have tried every product imaginable (minus injectables). I am also a lip balm addict with at least 20 diff brands at home. Honestly, I have to say, THIS lip balm is hands down my favourite. From the chic packaging to the slight refreshing minty feeling to the plumping after effect and instant hit of moisture, it is worth every single penny. I have been recommending this to all of my friends and insisting they try mine, its that good. Thank me later!

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