Accusculpt - Say goodbye to chubby cheeks

get rid of chubby cheeks
Accusculpt is a liposculpting laser which uses optimized laser wavelength of 1444nm for lipolysis. It is used both for body and face. It is a popular treatment for both face and body as there are no incisions or general anesthetic involved and opeartion duration (30 minutes) and recovery period (3 to 4 days) is short. 
Accuscuplt is operated mainly for the following subjects and purposes in Korea. 
1) Sharper faceline 
Cheeks, cheekbone fat, jaw line, double chin etc volume control and sagging line improvement
2) Correcting smile line
3) Body shaping
Sensitive area including ankle fat, calf, armpit fat, under arm fat, bra-line etc 
4) Revision after facial fat grafting
Asymmetry and or excessive grafting, to improve unsatisfied rough skin
The operation takes about 30 minutes with general anesthesia and it lasts for about 2 years on average. After the treatment, it is known to result in a tightening effect as it stimulates the skin dermis to promote collagen.  
Having accusculpt with other treatments incluidng laser maximizes and prolongs those effects.
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