All You Need to Know About Asymmetrical Face Surgery

It has long been assumed that a symmetrical face is a sign of beauty, compared to an asymmetrical face. Most of Korea's top beauty stars have a balanced bone structure and a perfectly symmetrical face, because these faces look attractive from any camera angle.

Of course, this is a matter of preference and taste, with many finding an asymmetrical face more appealing. Minor asymmetries are common, and nearly everyone's face is asymmetrical to some degree. Some people, however, have major differences between the two sides of their face, and would like them corrected. Whether you want to improve the minor asymmetries, or to correct the more major structural asymmetry, there are several surgical options available to you.

To hear more about the asymmetry face, Eunogo has met with Dr. Jiyeon Kim from Light Plastic Surgery and learned about what causes it and how to fix it.

Dr. Jiyeon Kim, Korea’s first Female plastic surgeon from Seoul National University Medical School, has 12 years of experience in asymmetrical surgery

Concerns on Facial Asymmetry

It has already been over 10 years since Dr. Jiyeon Kim became a plastic surgeon, and she noticed that more people are worried about asymmetry than before. These days, people put in even more effort to correct it. For those of you who think that "My face is completely uneven when I take a selfie," selfies basically distort everything and exaggerate it, so they make your face look even more asymmetrical. Another thing she hears often is, "I can't tell when I look in the mirror, but when I take pictures, one eye looks a lot smaller than the other one." Those people have different eyes sizes, so one looks much smaller than the other. Asymmetry can have several causes, so we have to study the differences in the skeletal structure and face, such as the different widths and lengths of each part of the face.

Causes of Facial Asymmetry

There can be many causes of facial asymmetry. In fact, everyone has a slight asymmetry to their face. Some of these causes are hereditary while some are acquired. For those who figured that several of their family members have a certain asymmetry, it is highly likely that the cause is hereditary. Many cases where one side of the face is a little smaller compared to the other side have congenital causes. As for acquired causes, it could be wrong postures or habits such as improper neck position due to scoliosis, or twisted pelvics posture. These bad posture habits may cause the face muscles and bones to be pulled and moved in a wrong direction, and become asymmetrical.

How to Correct an Asymmetrical Face

First of all, you have to consider how much time you have, the extent of correction you want, and how much risk you can take. If you would like to have minimal correction with minimal cost and effort, you can simply do fat grafting, liposuction, or lifting to balance the face. If the face is highly assymmetrical and you want to correct it as much as possible, you can look at treatment plans that combine bone surgery and fat transplants.

Faces that are different sizes on each side can be made more symmetrical by making one side of the face smaller or bigger, but in most cases, patients want a smaller face. It's a personal preference. There are people who like volume on their faces, so they prefer to make the smaller side a bit bigger to balance out the face. As mentioned earlier, you need to know exactly what kind of face shape you want. If you don't discuss this with to your doctor thoroughly about your wants, he or she might make use a method that you do not prefer. Therefore, having a thorough consultation with a doctor is important.

Examples of facial asymmetry correction surgery

Photo Credit: Light Plastic Surgery


There are many different ways to get facial asymmetry surgery and the results could be different based on the choice of the surgery. It is important for you to be able to give yourself some time to think about how much you want the results and what you want to look like, and most importantly, choose an experienced doctor for facial asymmetry correction and get an in-depth consultation before the surgery.

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