Breast Reduction - It’s a manly thing too

It may come as a surprise to you but did you know that men are also undergoing breast reduction surgery? Believe it or not, it is true!

The reason why some men have decided to opt for breast reduction surgery is to combat a health condition called gynecomastia. In simpler terms, it is the enlargement of breast gland tissues which results in them having larger breasts than other men. It is impossible to remove them by doing chest exercise and so they are turning to breast reduction surgery.

For many men, this may cause them to feel conscious about their body which will lead to anxiety in some cases. To prevent such incidents from happening, it is best to consult a doctor and understand the reason behind such conditions. In some cases, some men have bigger breast sizes due to the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. Whereas for other cases, it may be due to the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

In Korea, many clinics offer such procedures and there are mainly two different ways to do it. Depending on your body build, the most suitable method to reduce breast sizes may be different.

If you have a bigger build and have more fat tissues in your body, doctors may suggest to undergo fat tissue removal in the chest region. This procedure is somewhat similar to liposuction and the doctor will begin by making small incisions to insert a thin, long tube for the extraction of fat tissues. After the removal of fat tissues, the doctor will then stitch the incisions up. For this procedure, only local anesthesia is required and usually patients are able to carry out their daily activities a few days after the surgery.

breast reduction in korea

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For someone who is lean and skinny, doctors may recommend breast tissues removal. This procedure may be trickier as it involves the removal of breast glandular tissue. The reason for that is because for some patients, the result will not be obvious with just the removal of breast tissues alone. Usually, general anesthetics is involved and patients will experience soreness and swelling for about a week.  

After the surgery is complete, the patient should avoid exercising the upper body and exerting too much force on the upper body for at least a month.


As testified from men who have undergone breast reduction surgery, they were very satisfied with the results and gained confidence in their body physique.

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