Chin Augmentation for your perfect facial balance

“I look grumpy and sullen whenever I take a picture because of my short and small chin.”

“My primary concern is my facial balance. I like my eyes, and nose and almost everything except my receding chin that ruins my facial balance."

If these concerns sound familiar, you are a potential candidate for chin augmentation procedures. The chin plays a significant role in the entire facial structure and balance. A defined 3D-shaped chin makes you look sophisticated. Therefore, if you have concerns about having a short and small chin or receding chin, chin augmentation will be a brilliant choice to bring your facial features into harmony.

chin augmentation in korea

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Even if you are set on chin augmentation, there are many questions that cannot be answered easily just by researching on the internet because there are lots of misinformation out there.

Some of the commonly asked questions include:

“What kinds of chin augmentation are there?”

“I would like to take chin augmentation, but I have to work. How long will it take for me to return to work?”

“How can I choose the right and trustworthy hospital out of these hundreds of cosmetic clinics?”

In this article we would like to answer these questions and help you decide which procedure is right for you.

chin augmentation in korea

There are mainly two types of chin augmentation procedure, chin filler and chin implant surgery. Also, there are two kinds of chin fillers; temporary and semi-permanent filler.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is most commonly used as the temporary chin filler. Semi-permanent Artecoll filler, which is composed of collagen, PMMA (Synthetic bone material) and lidocaine may allow you to achieve natural and long-lasting volume with one injection. Lastly, chin implant surgery involving placement of an implant around a patient’s chin bone to augment the size and shape and improve facial features.

chin augmentation in korea

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If the prospect of going under the knife is daunting for you, chin filler will be a brilliant choice. But if you want more dramatic change and solid support for your chin, implant surgery will be a better option.

With information above, you will have an idea about what procedure you want, but the remaining question is, “Which cosmetic clinic is right for me?”. For your convenience, EUNOGO provides perfect matches for patients. Since EUNOGO have only chosen the trustworthy clinics with experienced surgeons after going through a strict 40-item screening system, you can trust our affiliates. 


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