FAQ About Filler Injections

Fillers give you an instantaneous beautification result, similar to that you would expect from any facial surgery. Yet, they require the same amount – or sometimes more – of precision and effort to insure safety. In this respect, monetary value of the procedure surely can’t be the only component of consideration. Then, what should you consider before having needle injections on your face?

Don’t worry – Thanks to Dr. Kim Jiseon at MH Clinic, EUNOGO have you covered these questions.

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Q. Is it possible to get fillers on the same area where I’ve previously received surgical procedures?

It largely depends on the situation. If you had a surgical procedure recently, you are required to give sufficient time usually over 6 months for the area to stabilize. However, there has been cases when people not satisfied with plastic surgeries request additional procedures on the exact same sites. Regardless, it is recommended that you get another procedure only after sufficient rest is provided on the surgical site.

Q. Is it possible to get fillers even with pre-existing Nasal Prosthesis?

A: It depends on how the implant is placed under the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to check where the implant is placed. In such instances, you would be required to visit a clinic and receive consultation because the placement of the prosthetic material cannot be distinguished by photograph or video.  

Q: Is it possible to get fillers if I previously received facial fat graft surgery?

A: Yes. However, if there’s a stenosis in the skin layer due to previous fat graft, the tissue should be dissolved first. The procedure will not be as effective should it be done on the stenosis area. It is important to undergo regenerative/revitalization process of the region before moving with the filler procedure. 

Q. I got the filler procedure from another clinic and am not satisfied with the result. Is it possible to do it again?

A: There are many kinds of fillers. Therefore, it is crucial to know and remember which kinds of fillers you have been treated with. When using HA filler, the filler can be re-applied after dissolving the previously applied filler using a component called hyaluronidase. However, it is very difficult to remove all of the previously injected fillers because it is not easy to figure out where the fillers were injected and how amount of fillers were applied. With fillers absorbed into your skin layer to a certain extent, we recommend that you give the surgical site sufficient time to rest. The skin layer should be stabilized before another operation can take place. Nonetheless, patients who wish to re-operate should check their status with doctors at the clinic.

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