Image filler, enhancing face volume and line without surgery

image filler in korea
What is Image filler?

Image Filler is a procedure that treats multiple facial parts such as forehead, smile lines, lips, nose, chin etc to achieve a beautiful, balanced face. Unlike a regular filler, a plastic surgeon designing a whole image of the patient rather than a part of the face according to the scientifically attractive facial proportion and features. Whether it is volume, wrinkles or scars, doctor can use appropriate types of filler for each area to achieve naturally enhanced and balanced facial features.  

image filler in korea

Who needs it?

  1. Who wants to get sophisticatedly corrected face lines and angles without surgery.
  2. Who wants to improve volumes, and  get rid of wrinkles & acne scars.
  3. Who needs a longer duration (up to two years) than common fillers.
  4. Who wants a customized design based on individuals as well as scientifically attractive facial proportions and features. 
  5. Before an important event including wedding, photography, and interview. 

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