Introducing a New Body Balance Checkup

body check up in korea

Haven’t done anything wrong but consistently irritated by irregular sleep cycle and feel under the weather? Aware of your bad habits for your body but can’t afford time to correct them? Feel some changes in your body but your medical checkup results always come back with nothing? 

This state-of-the-art Body Balance Checkup newly launched at Chaum in Seoul, Korea can help you get rid of those nuisances mentioned above - it would even give you an amazing opportunity to feel reborn!

Everybody knows that right posture and strong muscles give you more energy to enjoy your life, and not to mention proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Body Balance Checkup is a total body care system, curated by professional orthopaedic and rehabilitation specialists. It is originally designed to cover all of the patient’s muscles, bones and lifestyle habits which are generally omitted in traditional health checkups. Thanks to this latest Korean one-to-one full management service, patients all over the world can get to know their body status thoroughly and practice healthier habits. Using cutting edge equipment, precise analysis of spine structure, walking posture and body movements, customized counselling is offered. It includes body strengthening programmes that take place in specially organized physical and kinesiotherapy rooms. Therefore, people of all ages, sexes, and countries will find more room for happiness that they’ve overlooked.

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