Semi-Permanent Makeup #3 Lipline

Avoid looking like a lifeless ghost when your lipstick fades away. Are your lips faded of color, just too thin or asymmetrical in shape? Then you need to get the lipline treatment now.

Imagine never having to touch-up your lips throughout the day!

#3. Beautiful Lip-line Treatment

Semi-permanent lip-line treatment adds natural-looking volume to your lips and it also improve the shape, thickness, and color of your lips.

Luscious lip shapes with natural-looking colours. Notice how the lips went from pale-looking to full of vibrant colour?

Treatment Information

  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

  • Post-care: 1 retouching session after 2-4 weeks

  • Recovery: can get back to daily life immediately

Who should get it?

  • People with dull or faded lip color

  • People with asymmetric or undefined lip line

  • People who want to change thickness or shape of lips

  • People who are allergic to makeup or lipstick products

  • People who want to look good without makeup

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Semi-permanent treatments require delicate skills and expertise. Make sure to get these treatments from highly-qualified surgeons and also from certified medical institutions to avoid unnecessary re-touching and side-effects.

More info?

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