Semi-Permanent Makeup #3 Lipline

Avoid looking like a lifeless ghost when your lipstick fades away. Are your lips faded of color, just too thin or asymmetrical in shape? Then you need to get the lip-line treatment now.

semi permanent makeup in korea

#3. Beautiful Lip-line Treatment

Semi-permanent lip-line treatment adds natural-looking volume to your lips and it also improve the shape, thickness, and color of your lips.

Treatment Information

  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

  • Post-care: 1 retouching session after 2-4 weeks

  • Recovery: can get back to daily life immediately

Who should get it?

  • People with dull or faded lip color

  • People with asymmetric or undefined lip line

  • People who want to change thickness or shape of lips

  • People who are allergic to makeup or lipstick products

  • People who want to look good without makeup

semi permanent makeup in korea

Semi-permanent treatments require professional skills and expertise. So make sure to get these treatments from high-qualified staff and also from certified medical institutions only to avoid unnecessary re-touches and pain such as infections. For more information on the treatments and clinics, don’t hesitate to contact us through www.EUNOGO.COM.