[Special Edition] My medical facial experience in Korea with EUNOGO

For anyone who is avidly into Korean beauty and skincare, a visit to Seoul is an absolute must. I’ve made several trips to the city before, but on this most recent visit I received my most luxurious and certainly most effective facial treatment to date: The Evercell Facial Muscle Stretching Therapy from the holistic health clinic Chaum. This was organised for me by the Korean beauty journey specialists Eunogo, with the kind assistance of their marketing manager Claire Song. Eunogo offers customised concierge services to prestigious and trusted skincare and wellness centres to provide the best Korean beauty experience you’ll find in Seoul.



I arrived at Chaum’s impressive Gangnam address, which features several floors, each one dedicated to various aspects of wellness, health, and beauty. At the Evercell centre, I sat down with their top dermatologist Dr Jung Im Kang for a skincare consultation. Chaum’s Jiyeon Gang, international marketing manager, was also present to provide competent English translation and overall coordination. Their cutting-edge technology was on full display with an advanced photo-imaging machine that analysed my skin based on different metrics – sun exposure, development of wrinkles, hydration, immune system factors, among others. It was a comprehensive overview of the state of my skin that gave me fresh insights on how to care for it better going forward. What impressed me, most of all, was the importance placed not only surface treatments, such as facials, that focus on the outer appearance, but also on inner health and wellness – such as the value of sleep, diet, and exercise. In other words, this was about consistent and thorough self-care in different aspects of one’s lifestyle.

The Evercell Facial Muscle Stretching Therapy itself took place in one of Chaum’s well-appointed, comfortable suites at the hands of trained professionals. It starts with a series of vigorous massages designed to relax the scalp and the neck as well as to drain the lymph nodes. The therapy itself involves the application of coated, charged wands that lift various facial muscles to provide a firmer, more contoured appearance. While it was gentle and painless, my facial muscles experienced some slight soreness from the repeated massaging, so spirulina calming face masks were applied to soothe the skin.


The results of the treatment were immediately apparent: My jawline was more contoured, my cheeks were tighter, and my eyebrows were lifted, giving my eyes a brighter and more open appearance. My laugh lines had also receded significantly. I felt some mild tightness in my face, but this disappeared after a few days. The therapists claim that these amazing results can last between three to six months, depending on one’s lifestyle. I’m eager to find out how long I can maintain this myself.

The Evercell Facial Muscle Stretching Therapy is a non-invasive treatment I won’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants a fresher, lifted, more sculpted look. The experience was made more seamless and convenient by Eunogo, which took care of the booking details. You, too, can book this treatment directly at the Eunogo shop. Apart from this facial, Eunogo also offers a host of other excellent treatments. To get a quote or a customised consultation, contact Eunogo. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Seoul – and this treatment is definitely a mainstay on my agenda.

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