The Best Skincare Gifts for Holidays 2020

The holidays are finally here! This is the season to gift and glow. As 2020 comes to a close, treat yourself and your loved ones to premium skincare. Eunogo has put together the best Korean beauty gifts to give or get this season.

Age Defying Caviar Kit

Looking for a luxurious skincare gift for your family, friend or yourself? We'd like to introduce this ultimate anti-aging set packed with Caviar benefits. The Age Defying Caviar Kit contains a caviar serum and a caviar cream that complements each other and together they work in perfect synergy to give you glowing skin. This kit is made by Oxygenceuticals, a post-procedure targeted brand and used by over 500 skin clinics in South Korea.

Recommended for both him and her.

Price: US$165 (S$221)


YourFit Perfect Custom Ampoule & Mask Dual Solution Kit

YourFit Perfect Custom Ampoule & Mask Dual Solution Kit has 6 different types based on your skin type (Dry/Oily & Combination) and issues (Anti-aging/Brightening/Revitalizing/Soothing). All kits are cruelty-free and safe for sensitive skin and pregnant women. The packaging is elegant and pretty and you can engrave the name of the person you are gifting to! 

Recommended for anyone with sensitive skin, and pregnant & breastfeeding mommies.

Price: US$25 (S$34)

Korean Glass Skin Kit

Want to know the secret to Korean dewy skin? The Korean Glass Skin Kit comes with a Moisture Aqua Serum and a choice of Skin Barrier Fluid or Acell-300 Fluid. See the immediate glass skin effect for yourself!

Recommended for anyone looking to get that holiday glow!

Price: US$169 (S$226)


Good Bye Acne Kit

Say goodbye to acne and #maskne with this kit! The Good Bye Acne Kit is great for anyone struggling with acne and blemishes. Each kit comes with acne-targeting products and you can choose from a 2-Step or 4-Step Acne Kit. If your bestie has been suffering from maskne, this might be the perfect gift to regain skin complexion!

Recommended for all skin types especially oily and acne-prone skin.

Price: From US$115 (S$154)

AOSA Black Power Cleanser

The AOSA Black Power All In One Cleanser contains the optimal mix of panthenol, caviar, and hyaluronic acid to deliver anti-aging benefits to the skin while keeping the skin moisturized. The product looks and feels luxurious, and definitely makes a great gift if you're looking to impress friends and family!

Recommended for both him and her.

Price: US$37 (S$49)

4 Steps Korean Skin Brightening Kit

Experience the secrets of Korean brightening skincare. This Korean Skin Brightening Kit is specially curated to brighten the skin tone and give you transparent, bright and clear skin. Each order of this kit comes with a free YourFit Perfect Custom Ampoule & Mask Dual Solution Kit that will give you an added brightening boost!

Recommended for anyone with dull skin and/or dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Price: US$222 (S$297)

Rovectin Anti-Irritant Cream and Sunscreen Set 

Do you avoid gifting skincare products because you never know if it's suitable for your friend? Here's a gift that'll work! The Anti-Irritant line from Rovectin is exclusively used by dermatology hospital and clinics in Korea, and is gentle enough for damaged and sensitive skin from all causes. The Rovectin Anti-Irritant Cream & Sunscreen Set will be able to restore damaged skin barriers while protecting it from the harsh UV rays.

Recommended for anyone with sensitive skin, and pregnant & breastfeeding mommies.

Price: US$87 (S$116)

Deep Hydration Kit

Those with dry skin will understand the pains of flakey skin, whether you are experiencing dry winter or staying indoors more often in air-conditioning (in tropical weather!). Thankfully, the Deep Hydration Kit does live up to its name and will provide moisture deep into the skin to give you healthy and glowy skin!

Recommended for anyone with dry and dehydrated skin.

Price: From US$169 (S$226)

Gentlemen's Kit for Acne

Unsure what to use for acne? Target acne and blemishes with this fuss-free and simple kit. The Gentlemen's Kit for Acne is a perfect gift for any gentlemen who is new to skincare! Choose from a 3-Step or 4-Step gift set.

Recommended for gentlemen looking for a simple routine with oily and acne-prone skin.

Price: From US$159 (S$213)

Gentlemen's Caviar Kit for Anti-Aging

Anti-aging is not just for the ladies! Introduce yourself (or your gentlemen friends) to the world of skincare by starting with this kit. The Gentlemen's Kit for Anti-Aging is luxurious and contains products powered by the anti-aging benefits of caviar. Choose from a 3-Step or 4-Step gift set.

Recommended for gentlemen with dull and dark skin that has started showing signs of aging.

Price: From US$199 (S$266)


If you need help curating a personalized gift set, please DM us on Instagram @eunogoshop and our skincare concierge will curate a gift set that suits your skin type and targets your skin concerns.