The Latest Mentor Breast Implants, And How To Avoid Dimples And Rippling

There are many surgery methods to achieve fuller breasts, such as fat transplant, fillers, and implants, but most people prefer implants, as they are the most effective and long-lasting. Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery that allows small or sagging breasts to be filled with more volume, and the key to this is safety and natural shape and feel. The selection of implants is important to achieve natural results.

Currently, there are various types of breast implants used by plastic surgery clinics in Korea. You have to consider the material it's made of, surface texture and shape. The surface texture of the breast implant can be smooth or textured/microtextured. Smooth implants are often used for women with little volume because they have the advantage of looking more natural and soft while the chest is moving, while microtextured implants are used for women with a relatively uniform skin, some volume in the chest prior to surgery, or hard chest muscles.

About Mentor Breast Implants

Implants from Mentor have been consistently popular. They are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, the oldest manufacturer of breast implants. Mentor implants are well-loved for their volume and a natural feel. The Mentor Memory Gel Extra implant is an implant with two types of textures you can choose from: smooth or microtextured. Besides the implant's outer surface, the internal silicon within the implant is also FDA-approved and safe.

Mentor's Memory Gel Extra implants are produced in a variety of ways to take into account the body types of women around the world, allowing for them to be adjusted to fit each woman's chest and desired size. In addition, Mentor's technology minimizes the risk of dimple and ripple effects, which are common side effects of breast augmentation surgery involving implants. The result is a natural, safe and satisfactory surgery.

What are the dimple and ripple side effects?

Picture credit: Westlake Plastic Surgery Center

The dimple side effect is simply the appearance of small "dents" in the skin of the breast, while the ripple side effect refers to the folds and wrinkles on the implant that is visible on the skin. Rippling usually develops on the outer areas (side, bottom, cleavage) of the breasts. It is also more likely to be visible in thinner women or when leaning forward. Both side effects can be due to a variety of reasons, which could happen during surgery or during recovery. Most of the time, these effects go away after the breasts have properly healed from the surgery. However, in some cases, the patient may need to consult a doctor and get a revision to fix the issues.

How to reduce side effects of breast augmentation surgery?

To reduce side effects from breast augmentation surgery, it's important to pick a trusted and reliable clinic for your surgery. At Marble Plastic Surgery, a variety of breast implant options are available, such as Motiva and Mentor. They also have a dedicated team breast augmentation surgeons who have a wealth of experience, and will be able to reduce the side effects.

Besides the implants themselves, it is also important to consider various aspects such as body shape, chest cavity, and skin thickness in order to get natural breast augmentation surgery results. It is recommended that you go for 1:1 consultations with a breast augmentation plastic surgeon with a lot of experience.

Before & After Photos of Mentor Breast Implant Surgery

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