What you need to know about Korean V Line Surgery

Korean v line surgery

What’s the Korean celebrities’ secret of young face with smooth and soft line from below the ears to the tip of the chin? It is very important to get enough consultation with professional doctor since it is high level of operation that performs on the face bones, muscles and nerves located intricately. Through the customized surgical plan designed to contour your chin and jaw, it refines to create a more harmonious and beautiful overall look.

What is the facial contouring (V-line) surgery?

3-Set Facial contouring (V-line surgery) includes chin V-line surgery, cheekbone reduction, and jawline reduction surgery and are often performed at once for getting V-line in Korea. Through carefully evaluating your overall proportions of chin, jaw and facial anatomy as a whole, it can ultimately achieve more attractive and natural results. Since it is all related with nerve position on the face, you need to get scientific pre-op analysis via 3D-CT scan for the safest surgery process.

Am I candidate for V-line?

This can be an initial question when you wonder whether V-line surgery is necessary to you or not. If you are unhappy with your chin or jaw lines or feel those structures give you a more masculine appearance, V-line jaw reduction and cheekbone reduction surgery may be an ideal solution. Mandy Candy, Eunogo’s influencer also had same consideration before, her quite strong square jawline made her look more aged and strong. Through T-Fracture V-line surgery with around rotation cut, she gets a softer and more feminine jawline and chin, it doesn’t drastically alter but rather it makes her overall look more smooth and younger.

       Korean v line surgery   

To see her full journey of V-line surgery in Korea, please see her Youtube!

Surgery Information
  1. Operating duration: 2 to 3 hours
  2. Recovery time: 7 to 10 days
  3. Method of anesthesia : General anesthesia
  4. Diet : Porridge for 3 days and regular meals after 4 days
  5. Stitch removal : 6 -10 days after the operation
v-line surgery in korea
Dr. Kim Nam-ho at Gyalumhan, Mandy Candy, Joy Kang at Eunogo

    Having been through a wide range of experiences, Dr.Kim Nam-Ho is specialized in facial contouring and orthographic surgery. Depending on each cases, it might make a number of incisions inside the mouth, he highlighted the accurate analysis of overall face line through 1:1 consultation for minimizing side-effects and ensuring an optimal surgical outcome.

    If you don't feel ready to go under surgery, you may consider a v-line injection ($185+) in Korea to begin with. 

    More info?

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