4 ways to make botox and skin boosters last longer

Joy Kang, co-founder & CEO of Eunogo shares her experience and tips to make botox and skin boosters last longer. 

Injectables including botox and skin boosters are great ways to keep our skin youthful and glowy. However, the effects of injectables eventually wear off and usually last between 3 to 6 months depending on type of injectables and individuals. 

Personally, I regularly get my beauty treatments in Seoul. It has been almost 5 months since my last skin botox and chanel injection treatment. 


Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and safe distancing in many countries including Singapore where I live, a lot of us cannot get a follow-up treatment. Gathered from advice from my dermatologist, Dr. Choi Bo Yoon at Dr. Skinny, as well as from my own experience, here are few tips to maintain the effects for the maximum period of time. ⁣


Experienced & Skilled Dermatologist

Photo: Dr. Choi Bo Yoon at Dr. Skinny Korea

First things first, get the procedure from an experienced, certified doctor at a clinic that uses the right dose and certified products. Injectables also require sophisticated skills on the part of the doctor to know where to inject and how much to inject based on the individual. Plus, you will be surprised to hear that not all clinics use the right dose and certified products. The first step is to find an experienced doctor whose clinic is verified to use certified products at right dose.

See how Eunogo verifies clinics


Moisturization is the key to prolonging the effects. If you drink alcohol, smoke or are under the air conditioning a lot, it's especially easy for your skin to become dehydrated. Use the right aftercare products like post-treatment hydration cream and essence to make sure your skin is hydrated, and yes, even if you live in humid, tropical weather. ⁣⁣If you can visit a clinic or aesthetics, getting a deep moisturization facial also helps. 

Daily Habit Control 

Control your muscles. I'm not saying we shouldn't laugh out loud or make big facial expressions. But we can try to avoid strong sunlight by wearing sunglasses or hat and to avoid frowning which will create the angry 11 lines between our eyebrows. Again, drink lots of water to hydrate.

Sun Protection 

Wearing sunscreen not only helps to maintain the treatment effect but also keeps our skin in good condition in general. UV rays cause fine wrinkles and the breakdown of collagen. Just by wearing sunscreen, we can slow down aging and protect our skin from breaking down the treatment effects too quickly.


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