Rejuran Healer vs NCTF Filorga Injection: Differences and Comparison

There are various injections that are beneficial for your skin out there, such as NCTF Filorga, Rejuran Healer, salmon injection, baby face injection, and so on. The two most popular are NCTF Filorga and Rejuran Healer injections. Many people have asked about the differences between these two injections. Dr. Choi Bo Yoon from Dr. Skinny explains the differences as well as how to choose the right injection for yourself.

Q. What are the difference of ingredients between NCTF Filorga (Chanel) and Rejuran Healer?

If you want to know the exact differences between NCTF Filorga and Rejuran Healer, you need to know what the two are made of.

Firstly, Rejuran Healer is made up of one ingredient called polynucleotide. It is actually DNA that is processed from the sperm of salmon. The DNA of salmon matches more than 95% of human DNA, which results in safe usage and few side effects. The DNA works by activating the cells that are responsible for tissue rehabilitation, and healing of wounds. The salmon injection, similar to Rejuran Healer, was first used in orthopaedics to treat arthritis inflammation by regeneration of the joints. It became known to be effective in skin regeneration, so it was used for our facial skin.

On the other hand, NCTF Filorga injection (also known as Chanel injection in Korea) has a wide variety of ingredients. While the Rejuran Healer is made up of a single ingredient, the polyneucleotide, NCTF Filorga contains a total of 53 ingredients, which includes 6 minerals, glutathione, 6 coenzymes, 23 amino acids, 12 vitamins, 5 enzymes, and hyaluronic acid.

Q. What are the differences in the effects?

Effects of Rejuran Healer Injection

The major effect of polynucleotide, which is a component of the Rejuran Healer, is skin regeneration. We know that it helps your skin regenerate, but how does it work by injecting it into the skin? You can think of it this way. Our skin is constantly undergoing the cycle of skin damage and regeneration. When there’s damage to the skin tissue, regeneration occurs and you recover from the damage. But if the speed of skin damage is faster than the speed of skin regeneration, then skin aging occurs. Therefore, by injecting Rejuran Healer, you can improve your skin's health by increasing your ability to regenerate the skin tissue, especially if your skin is aging due to UV rays or stress. Since Rejuran is made up of only one component (polynucleotide), the main effect is skin regeneration.

Effects of NCTF Filorga (Chanel) Injection

NCTF Filorga is composed of around 50 different ingredients, so on top of skin regeneration, there are also moisturizing, brightening, whitening and skin texture improvement effects. To summarize the properties of each ingredient in NCTF Filorga:

  1. Vitamin A: Helps with dry skin, and regulates melanin cells, it helps whitening by facilitating skin cell metabolism
  2. Vitamin C: Improves skin tone by promoting collagen production
  3. Vitamin E: Prevents skin from aging with powerful antioxidants.
  4. Amino acids: Improves skin tone by promoting collagen production
  5. Minerals: Reinforces skin barrier
  6. Glutathione (also known as Vitamin G): Powerful antioxidant to prevent aging of the skin, also has skin whitening effects since it is used in whitening injections
  7. Hyaluronic acid: Deeply moisturizing

Q. What do clinical research say about Rejuran Healer and NCTF Filorga?

According to clinical findings, both Rejuran Healer and NCTF Filorga have proven their effectiveness in various aspects, such as improving skin tone or moisturization. Rejuran Healer is slightly better in increasing the thickness of your skin, with the results showing that Rejuran Healer increased skin thickness by 25% while NCTF Filorga increased skin thickness by 21%. However, NCTF Filorga also showed improvement in other aspects such as skin tone improvement and moisturization.

In addition to these results, there are also differences between the effects of Rejuran Healer and NCTF Filorga as reported by patients. We got feedback from patients who get Rejuran Healer or NCTF Filorga treatment every other week or two and take good care of their skin afterwards. For those who got Rejuran Healer, they reported better skin elasticity and bouncier skin. Those who got NCTF Filorga reported that their skin more moisturized, brighter and more glowy.

Personalised Treatment

Now that you know the differences between Rejuran Healer and NCTF Filorga injections, you should always seek professional help in diagnosing your skin condition and choosing the appropriate injection.

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