All you need to know about a hairline procedure

Whether you were born with a large, uneven forehead or your hairline has been creeping up and disappearing over time due to hair thinning; the shape and size of your forehead can drastically change your overall appearance. It takes the focus away from your facial features and onto your forehead. For women nowadays a forehead-nose-chin ratio of 1:1:0.8 is what all the beauty geeks are talking about and trying to achieve for youthful beauty. Men look more than 10 years older instantly if they have thinning hairlines and large foreheads. Unfortunately most people with this problem often feel self-conscious and limit their hairstyles to cover their insecurities without knowing that there are ways you have the option to lower and create a hairline that reduces the forehead but that’s where we are here to help.

We have all you need to know about hairline procedures here.

Semi-Permanent Make-up 

Semi-permanent make-up or embroidery may be used to create the appearance of a lower hairline and smaller forehead. This may sound familiar as it is a popular and widely sought after method method to create the appearance of eyebrows. Similar to eyebrow embroidery, after careful consultation to design a hairline best suitable for you facial features, it takes around 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. There is no recovery period required and you can get a natural look however this is not permanent and will only last 1-2 years.

hairline procedure

 Before and After Hairline Semi-Permanent Make-up

Source: Plushu

Hair Transplantation 

Hair Transplantation is a permanent method of creating a lower hairline to make your forehead smaller with your own natural hairs. This surgery removes a small area of hairs from the back of your head (with the tissue still intact for growth) and places them where desired. Although permanent and uses your own hair, the hair from the back of your head and the hairline area are different in thickness growth direction therefore in some cases look unnatural.

hairline procedure

 Man Before and After Hair Transplantation

Source: JP Plastic

Forehead Reduction 

Forehead Reduction is also a permanent method of creating a lower hairline by pulling the hairline forward and suturing it where the desired hairline is. This surgery overall has a more natural result that hair transplantation as you do not have to worry about different thickness and growth direction of hairs. Also more recommended by some as it requires a shorter recovery period compared to hair transplantation and covers a decent 2-3cm.

hairline procedure

 Before and After Forehead Reduction

Source: ID Hospital

Stop hiding and worrying, look younger, confident, and even more beautiful with a hairline that accentuates your features! 

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