For the Most Important Woman in our Lives: Blepharoplasty Procedures

Blepharoplasty Procedures
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All women want and deserve to feel beautiful and confident no matter their age. Ageing can cause eyes to look saggy, tired, sleepy, and give a grumpy impression even when that is not the case.
So what’s the buzz in Seoul? Procedures specifically catering to all the mothers that have aged while their children blossom; these procedures reverse the effect the aging process has on the eyes. Whether it is droopy eyelids or heavy eye-bags causing the eyes to sag, change shape, and emphasize ageing they can make women look and feel as they did in their youth.
Upper Blepharoplasty
With age, the ends of your eyes and your eyelids may feel as if they are “weighing down” your eyes and sag, causing changes to make the eyes look droopy and tired. Also as your skin covers the iris you may feel like you need to put more pressure on opening your eyes than before leading to increased tension in the facial muscles, cringing, and deeper wrinkles.
The Upper Blepharoplasty procedure:
  • Eyelids are saggy and weighing down the eyes
  • Design and create double eyelid appropriate to your eyes and face.
  • Remove the unnecessary saggy skin, muscle, and fat accordingly to the double eyelid
  • Suture the new double eyelid
  • Results are firmer/tighter, youthful looking eyelids
Lower Blepharoplasty
Just as your eyelids get heavy, you will notice that the thin skin and fat under your eyes are not where they used to be. They too have lots firmness, the shadowy eye bags and wrinkles make you look like a different person. This creates darker bags under your eyes and makes you look constantly tired, sleepy, and give off a negative impression.
The Lower Blepharoplasty procedure:
  • Eyebags are droopy and cause lines and shadows
  • Design the cut area accordingly to the eye bags
  • Open the cut and remove unnecessary fat and skin
  • Suture the cut so that it will be hidden under the lower eyelashes.
  • Results are youthful looking eyes and reduced under eye bags induced lines and shadows
Procedures take 50-60 mins and require for the suture to be checked 4-6 days after the surgery. A full recovery, for all the swelling to go down and look natural, can take 1-3 months.
Look fresher, younger, back to the you that you know and feel confident in.
The highly skilled and experienced doctors we can introduce to you at Eunogo can help make you more beautiful, feel confident, and back to the youthful cherry eyed you. After all you deserve it!
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