All You Need To Know About Eyebag Removal Surgery In Korea

Eyebags need no introduction. We all know what they do. Eyebags, together with dark circles and wrinkles under our eyes, can make us look tired and give us an older appearance. Nobody wants to look older than they actually are! As we age, the muscles and skin around our eyes start to weaken and loosen, which causes puffy eyebags, wrinkles, and dark circles to appear.

The eyes are the window to the soul, and it is the first thing that others notice when they look at you. Therefore, having bright, youthful-looking eyes are one of the most important steps in anti-aging.

What are the solutions?

I'm sure many of us are familiar with eye creams and eye masks that claim to reduce puffiness and the size of eyebags. While it's helpful to use eye creams and masks, the results often take a long period of use to appear, and even when they do, the results are rather for prevention rather than fixing already existing eyebags. Laser treatments are also popular for those who wish to firm up the skin around their eyes. While it works, sometimes it takes several sessions spanning months for wrinkles to become less noticeable. As you can see, there are many ways to tackle this concern. Perhaps you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars every month on expensive skincare products and non-invasive treatments, you may consider eyebag removal (under-eye fat repositioning) surgery This might be a one-off investment that promises long-lasting results. 

Am I the right candidate for eyebag removal surgery?

Referring the chart below, dark circles can be also caused by blood vessels congestion or hyperpigmentation. If your dark circles are caused by sunkenness or unevenness under eyes, eyebag removal (under-eye fat repositioning) surgery might be a suitable choice.    

The doctor will discuss with you on the kind of look you are going for. If the fat under your eyes are bulging out, some of them will be removed. If you have a sunken look under your eyes which causes dark circles, some fat will be added in to fill in the sunken areas. This procedure can also help those with wrinkles under their eyes or those who are losing elasticity in the muscles and fats under their eyes.

How does the surgery work? 


The surgery is done by creating a minimal incision on your conjunctiva, which is the skin on the inner part of your lower eyelids. Then, excess fats will be removed if there are too much fats. The surgeon will then firmly reinforce the membrane that holds the fats together. Lastly, fat will be transplanted on the lower eyelid to fill it up in the right places. Scars on incision areas won't be visible. 
Photo Credit: Grace Plastic Surgery
Here are some of the before and after results of the eyebag removal/under-eye fat repositioning surgery. Many of these cases look much younger and brighter after the surgery, and the skin under the eye is also lifted, reducing wrinkles and puffiness. 

How painful is it? What is downtime?

We know that pain level, scars and downtime are major concerns among those who seek this surgery. Since you would be under anesthesia, you don't actually feel the pain and there will be no visible scars at all, since the incisions are done on the inner part of eyelids. After surgery, there could be bruises and swelling which last for about 5-10 days depending on individuals. Under eye stickers that help to press the swelling and reduce bruises will be applied for 4-5 days. A break of 4-5 days is recommended if you do not wish for people to see the stickers under your eyes! After taking off the stickers, you will be surprised to see clean under eyes without dark circles, puffiness or wrinkles! 

Other Tips

The popular option for local Korean patients is to complement the eyebag removal surgery with fat grafting procedure. During the eyebag removal surgery, fat will be grafted to your lower eyelids. Since fat grafting is already taking place, it can also be done to other sunken areas in the face to achieve an overall younger and livelier look. Our facial fat grafting program also comes with PRP, which will give you glowing skin after the procedure.

After the eyebag removal surgery, it is important to continue applying eye cream and protecting the skin from sunlight to maintain the best results. It is also recommended that you avoid rubbing your eyes and do a full, thorough cleansing after putting on eye makeup to prevent pigmentation in the skin around your lower eyelids.  

More info?

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