Dr. Choi Bo Yoon answers your questions on NCTF Filorga Injection

For those of you who are always worried about skincare, Eunogo has prepared an interview with an expert on skin treatments. NCTF Filorga Injection is the hottest injectable treatment in town, and it is created with a total of 53 complex ingredients combined with hyaluronic acid that revitalizes the function of fibroblasts, which plays a crucial role in anti-aging. After the treatment, you can look forward to improvements in skin tone and fine lines, enhancement in elasticity, alongside with minimization in pores. With that said, is the NCTF Filorga injection really that good? Who would it be suitable for? We talked to Dr. Choi Bo Yoon, director and head dermatologist from Dr. Skinny, to find out more about NCTF Filorga injection.

Your skin looks amazing! Do you have your own secret daily routine for skincare?

I always try to keep my skin moisturized. One thing that I try to stick to is applying moisturizer within 3 seconds after washing my face because after 3 seconds, the moisture in the skin will disappear and the skin will start to dry out. That’s why I put on a moisture barrier using a moisturizer before the water dries up within 3 seconds after I’m done washing my face in order to keep my skin moisturized. And when I feel like my skin is dry during the day, I’ll apply more moisturizer. 

What’s the secret to your beauty?

I think that the skin looks prettier when it shines and is glowing. Most of the time I moisturize my skin very well, but when my skin becomes fragile it needs a direct treatment. I normally get the NCTF Filorga injection. There are some instances where no matter how much moisturizer I apply on, my skin still feels dry or no matter how much makeup I put on, my skin doesn’t look good at all. If you got the NCTF Filorga injection during these moments, you will really be able to tell the difference. The dermis needs to be healthy for the skin to look good, and that’s what the injection does; it inserts good components for the dermis and as it gets healthier the skin starts to have the effect of a skin that shines bright.

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There are various skincare programs but what makes the NCTF Filorga l injection popular?


There are a lot of injections that are used as skin boosters such as the Baby Face Cell Therapy, Salmon injection, Rejuran Healer, NCTF Filorga, and many more. I’ve tried most of them, but based on my experience at the clinic, the NCTF Filorga injection has the highest rate of satisfaction. With the other injections, they aren’t everybody’s cup of tea especially with some people seeing results yet some don’t, while on the other hand many love the NCTF Filorga injection because of it’s clearly visible before and after effects! People love the fact that their skin has gotten much better after the procedure leaving their skin looking close to perfection, as it’s an enhancer that makes your skin more alive.

The NCTF Filorga 

Basically, by activating the function that makes good skin condition, collagen is also produced and it strengthens the skin barrier with it. The key to skincare is making the skin healthy from the inside. The NCTF Filorga injection also receives a lot of love from a wide range of people because it’s a wonderful injection that’s a solid choice for all skin types.

Does it hurt or need a lot of recovery time?

The treatment is done after putting on anesthetic cream for 40 minutes, so it won’t be that painful. Plus, in our clinic, we use a “nanoneedle” that is thinner than a strand of hair for this treatment and the injection is inserted using the PAP technique exclusive to our clinic so there would be even less pain. A lot of patients love the NCTF Filorga injection because of its quick and painless nature!

Can people with acne or dark spots receive this procedure too?

The appearance of acne and dark spots are also caused by dermis that isn’t healthy, therefore by using the NCTF Filorga injection and making the dermis right under the skin healthier, there will be fewer skin troubles and there will be improvements with the dark spots. In fact, there was an instance where someone tried to remove their dark spots by using laser treatments but it didn’t make any difference. After that, the person got the NCTF Filorga injection and step-by-step there were improvements with the dark spots. However, both acne and dark spots need to be treated according to their separate causes and problems, as direct improvements would also require treatment. The NCTF Filorga injection is especially effective in reducing the discoloration of sunspots, as it keeps the skin clear, bright and dewy. NCTF Filorga injections could also help to improve complex problems that appear in the skin.

Are there any side effects?

I often get the NCTF Filorga injection procedure done to myself and also for people visiting the clinic, based on those experiences there were hardly any side effects besides the mild discomfort on the minimal needle marks or embossing. Seeing as it’s a procedure that is injected into the surface of the skin, fine needle marks or embossing might occur temporarily. But because the NCTF Filorga injection particles are so small and have water-like contents, the embossing disappears in a few hours. The needle marks are also so little that they could be covered up by using makeup. It is one of those procedures where you could go back to your normal routine the next day. Actually, one of the most frequently occurring side effects is that after the procedure, you’ll receive tons of compliments on your skin!

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All in all, the NCTF Filorga injection is a top-notch procedure that improves the skin from the inside out. It does not only help with the aesthetics by reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, dark spots and enhancing the overall tone, but it also provides ingredients that the dermis needs in order for the skin to be healthy. For any procedure to be fundamentally perfect it needs to be quick, painless, effective, with next to nothing downtime. The NCTF Filorga injection is one that checks all those points, so it might be the one if you are looking for a procedure that allows you to get more bang for your buck and leaves you looking fresh-faced.

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