Korean baby face secret? All you need to know about Skin Aura Lift

Having now become one of the firm standards of beauty, the 'baby face' is complicated and can only be achieved when various aspects of the face are in harmony. One of the most important factors of a 'baby face' is volume. No matter how harmonious and clear your features are, if your face lacks volume, it gives you a sunken and aged look.

Many people have reported that even after they had lifting procedures, the effect does not seem to be very satisfactory because their faces have already lost volume. However, most people who want to look younger don't easily gain fat on their faces, especially if they are trying to maintain their figure. You may be satisfied with your slim figure, but if your face is hollowed out and your cheekbones are prominent, the face does not look as young. To regain facial volume, Skin Aura Lifting can be a good solution for those with these concerns.

What is Skin Aura Lifting?

Skin Aura Lifting is an effective anti-aging procedure for improving skin elasticity with polar high-frequency equipment. It not only regenerates collagen but also the subcutaneous fat layer. Three different tips can be used depending on skin thickness, sensitivity and treatment area. In particular, Skin Aura Lifting is a lifting procedure that is more effective for those who suffer from lack of facial volume because it increases the size and number of fat cells in the area of the procedure, thus filling in the insufficient volume.

How does Skin Aura Lifting work?

Unlike conventional lifting methods, this anti-aging procedure is called a "new concept" procedure because it regenerates the subcutaneous (inner) skin layers. The collagen layer is regenerated, which encourages the activation of fat cells, production of collagen and increases moisture content.This will allow for both voluminous lifting and anti-aging effects.

Skin Aura Lifting does this without any irritation to the skin. The high-temperature laser energy is not directly administered to the skin so there is little heat damage to the skin and little irritation or pain. It is more comfortable for people with thin and sensitive skin.

Who should get this procedure?

This procedure is suitable for those who are facing loss of skin elasticity, fine lines and sunken areas. These are generally signs of aging. It is also suitable for people with thin and sensitive skin since this lifting treatment is gentle on the skin and the amount of heat applied is minimized.

What are some important things to note?

It should be noted that the dermatologist's experience and skill can significantly impact the outcome of the procedure, even when using the same equipment. It is very important to accurately diagnose your skin condition through consultation with a professional dermatologist and to use the appropriate tips depending on the area of the concern.

After you have decided on a procedure, you should find a trusted clinic rather than visiting any clinic that offers the procedure you want. Since there are numerous lifting procedures on the market, it is important to find a procedure that is most effective for your skin condition in order to achieve the desired effects. If you need help looking for a suitable clinic, you can always reach out to us at Eunogo.

How can I make the results from the procedure last longer?

Although aging is a natural process, treatments to slow aging down have become popular, thanks to advancing modern medicine. But if the bad habits that promote aging are not controlled, the results from even the best procedures will be difficult to maintain for a long time.

Above all, it is important to remember that creating desirable habits is also one of the secrets to maintaining youth and the results of anti-aging procedures longer. You can begin by having a bright and positive mindset to relieve stress, healthy eating habits and consistent exercise.

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