All you need to know about the Excel V Laser

excel v laser in korea

Skin care first makeup second is the rule here in the beauty world of Korea. So believe us when we tell you that you don’t need to buy that new colour correcting concealer set for your freckles, redness, veins, acne, and dull complexion; look great with clean skin without the make-up! The Excel V laser is one of the newest skincare treatment fads in Gangnam right now. Excel V laser is state of the art technology that is suitable for all skin types and treats a wide range of skin pigmentation flaws.
excel v in korea

It is an ideal treatment for people who have a mixture freckles, redness, dark spots, loss of skin elasticity, acne, and overall uneven skin tone. This procedure rids of all these flaws with just a few visits and no required recovery periods. Find out why this treatment is a Korean actress and girl group must-do treatment for yourself and get the flawless skin that you have always dreamt about!

excel v laser in korea

There are 3 modes of the laser, 532ktp, 1064nd-yag, and genesis mode.

1) 532nm - effectively treats pigmentation and visible blood vessels close to the epidermis, the outer layer.

2) 1064nm - effectively treats more in depth pigmentation, blood vessels while aids skin lifting and elasticity.

3) Genesis - effectively treats pore, redness, fine lines, and overall skin texture.

After consultation the suitable modes for your skin troubles will be applied.

In order to prepare the face for the strong lasers, the eyes and eyebrows are covered to prevent damage. 

excel v laser in korea

The procedure then starts straight away with the Excel V laser. No medication/numbing is needed!

excel laser in korea

Depending on your skin condition and preferred treatment you may undergo more than one step of the Excel V laser at different modes.

excel v laser in korea

Next, extra care is taken to calm and soothe skin as it may be irritated from the strong lasers.
excel v laser in korea

Lastly, a skin regeneration step to help the skin heal faster and feel smoother!

excel v laser in korea

After the treatment you face may be swollen and have scabs on the pigmented areas you have treated. This is temporary and will usually be gone in 1-2days. It is important not to irritate the skin! Wash gently with warm water and always keep it moisturized. As with most skin care treatments, swimming and saunas are not recommended.

It's always important to keep your safety and health in mind first. That is why Eunogo has curated a selection of certified and reputable clinics and doctors in Korea for you. For free consultation or any inquiries please contact us at

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