Escape from your panda eye stress, DARK CIRCLE


Whether you’re born with it or you get it on your way, big, round and black spots under your eyes can be extremely stressful. In other words, so-called dark circles may make your overall look and facial impression bad even though all your other facial features are good. So let’s try to get rid of them with the safe, simple and most advanced procedure! What we’re about to introduce is ‘PAN DARK CIRCLE’ operation that can help you escape from a life-long-stress, dark circle. The procedure has most advantages by supplementing downsides of ordinary dark circle treatments. So try not to cover them up with a heavy-tone foundation or CC cream but rather erase them completely and gain back your beauty confidence.

First, learn why and how you get dark circles

Dark circles often refer to a condition where your bottom eyes look dark due to shadowy eyelids. You may get dark circles due to a specific cause or due to complex reasons so if you’re curious about why you get them, try to match your cause from the following list.     

1. Congenital

  • Aging

  • Facial structure

  • Subocular edema

  • Thin skin

  • Hypervascularity

  • Genetic

2. Acquired

  • Atopy

  • Exposure to UV rays

  • Allergies

  • Fatigue

  • Hormone

  • Old and bad habits in daily life: rubbing eyes often, not cleansing make-up fully

How ‘PAN DARK CIRCLE’ operation works

Dark circles usually come with black shades and curves. If a treatment deals with just a single symptom, you might not get a satisfying result. The pan dark circle treatment treats both symptoms at once by giving a customized effect based on different causes of dark circles. While filler or other fat implant treatments may have some downsides, the pan dark circle treatment can fix curves, shades and fats of lower eyes. Take a note that dark circles can be improved with a fat removal fat re-arranging operation.

dark eye circles before and after

Why it’s so different and special

  1. Minimizes tissue damage

  2. Improves shades

  3. Corrects dark circles perfectly

  4. Implants fats with balance

  5. Results are easily predictable

  6. Short operation hours

  7. Long-lasting (eternal) effect

  8. Fat implant is highly successful

  9. Minimizes scars

  10. Special expertise and background in the area

Treatment info

  • Operation hours: 30-60 min.

  • Local anesthesia

  • No need for hospitalization nor post-care nor stitch removal

  • Able to apply make-up 2-3 days after operation

FAQs about dark circles!

Q. After the treatment, do implanted fats become drooped over time?

A. No that’s not true. When fats are successfully implanted into skin tissues, they no longer move.

Q. When can I start getting other laser treatments or massage treatments?

A. Laser treatments that only treat the outer skin tissues can be done 2 weeks after the treatment and when your bruises disappear. But make sure to acknowledge your expert before getting a laser treatment. But high-frequency laser treatments and fat implants should be done at least a year after.

Q. Do fat implants help removing eye wrinkles?

A. Dark circle treatment focuses on fixing curves on the lower eyes so it does not fundamentally remove eye wrinkles as well. But since the procedure helps filling up the thin subcutaneous fat layer, overall wrinkles may look less apparent.

Q. Why is minimal incision so important?

A. Most surgeons and dermatologists incise 2cm of conjunctiva while minimal incision focuses on removing thick fat layer through just 0.5cm hole. So this reduces a possibility of tissue damage and bleeding.

There have been many myths and rumors about dark circle treatments so make sure to rely on only the ‘facts’ from certified institutions and professional dermatologists. Sometimes, various laser, filler and fat implant treatments that are done at once may lead to side-effects. If you have any concerns or hesitation about the procedure, do not make a choice based on unreliable Internet sources rather consult with an expert or EUNOGO team with special background in dark circle treatments!

More info?

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