Beauty Gifts For Your Newly Pregnant Friends

Hunting down that perfect gift for your newly pregnant friend can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. You can shower your friend with baby gifts but mamas need presents too! 

One of the thoughtful and practical gifts for pregnant or breastfeeding friends is skincare. Pregnancy period can be challenging for our skin due to hormone changes and there are also ingredients to avoid during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Advised by dermatologists in Korea, we've put together a guide for a pregnancy-safe skincare to gift your friend that pregnancy "glow".

Yourfit Perfect Custom Ampoule and Mask Dual Solution Kit

The dual solution mask kit (US$25/S$34) comes with a bottle of ampoule and 3 pieces of sheet masks, both of which can be customized to suit the mum-to-be's skin. It's actually really common for pregnant mothers to experience breakouts or changes in their skin due to all the extra hormones produced during pregnancy. You can choose between dry and oily/combination skin types for the sheet mask, as well as 3 different ampoules each targeting a different skincare concern (Age-Correcting, Brightening and Relieve n Power).

The packaging is very elegant and beautiful and you can't send it as a gift without any additional wrapping. 


Rovectin Anti-Irritant Skincare Line

Rovectin's Anti-Irritant line (starting from US$31/S$42) is a must-have for mummies-to-be. The Anti-Irritant Line started with a product for restoring the skin that is damaged and dehydrated by various kinds of surgical procedures. This product line is exclusively used by dermatology hospital and clinics in South Korea, for patients with cancer, burns, and atopic dermatitis. It is dermatologist-tested and approved to be safe for all skin types, including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It is also safe for children's skin so mothers can rest assured and cuddle their babies!


Chaum Doctor Program Mother's Care

Chaum is one of the largest hospital groups with biotech research centers in Korea. They are at the forefront in skincare, health and stem cell research. Doctor Program Mother's Care All-In-One is a daily supplement for expecting mothers as well as couples who are trying to conceive. The supplement is specially developed by doctors at Chaum after extensive research and provides all the necessary nutrients to ensure both mother and child develop healthily. The supplements are broken down into two stages: one for before/early pregnancy and the other is for mid-to-late pregnancy. It's a thoughtful gift that will definitely stand out from others!


Antitox Daily Clean & Disinfection Line

Antitox, certified by the Korean Ministry of Environment to be a safe disinfectant and deodorant for children's products and objects is one of the best when it comes to sanitizing products. Their products are extremely popular in Korea right now! The Antitox Clean Spray and Clean Hand Wash would make great gifts for your expecting friends, because the sprays are not only effective at sanitizing, but are also safe for use on children's toys and products. They're also pet-safe, so extra brownie points for those who have a furry friend at home!