Teenage Plastic Surgery in Korea: Dos and Don'ts

Teenage plastic surgery has been getting more popular worldwide especially in South Korea which is considered the world's plastic surgery capital. However, caution should be taken as there are times when people decide to get surgery without sufficient consideration and preparation. Even though decisions should be made carefully for all plastic surgery procedures, this is more so especially for teenagers, as they are still growing.

Dr. Oh Chang Hyun from Banobagi Plastic Surgery shared with us the what to watch out for in teenage plastic surgery.

The Risks

The body and facial conditions of many adolescents are not fully developed. While the results immediately after the surgery are somewhat predictable, it is difficult to be certain that the results will last as the bones are not fully grown. The aesthetic balance can be disrupted by bad habits in the growth period or by natural bone changes.

For this reason, it is advisable to get plastic surgery only after bone growth is mostly completed. Also, if you have surgery when you are too young, the scarring grows along with you during the growth process, and the surgical scar tends to grow and widen, so it is recommended to get surgeries that involve a lot of incisions only after you become an adult.

How to know if you're ready

Although it depends on the individual and his or her pace of growth, most people become fully developed at the age of 18. Physical growth usually comes to a halt by the second and third years of high school. However, since every individual grows at different rates, it is recommended to get an X-ray test at the clinic to check if your growth plates have closed.

Ready not just physically, but also mentally and financially

It is not just for medical reasons that one should be careful about plastic surgery in adolescence. Teenagers tend to set surgical goals by imitating their peers and celebrities. If you blindly follow the trend or do plastic surgery to look like someone else, you may be disappointed with the results and suffer from a bigger appearance complex. Therefore, first of all, efforts should be made to find the merits of one's face and develop one's own personality, and plastic surgery should be considered afterwards.

It's true that many people who are concerned about their appearance find confidence through plastic surgery. However, it is more important to consult a plastic surgeon directly and get accurate information rather than to believe in others' experiences or exaggerated advertisements.

In particular, students sometimes visit uncertified doctors for plastic surgery due to their lack of financial ability and tighter budgets, but you have to be careful because there are places where illegal procedures are performed, and they are not specialized medical institutions. To verify, certified plastic surgeons can be found on the Korean Society of Plastic Surgeons website.

In addition, you should do extensive research before committing to a plastic surgery clinic. You should avoid clinics with many cases of side effects, even if they may have specialist doctors. 


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