Christine's Cosmetic Surgery Makeover in Korea

Christine, a 31-year old Singaporean who is doing customer service, underwent a Cosmetic Surgery Makeover Tour in Seoul with Eunogo exactly a year ago. She describes herself as a very outgoing person and you will probably catch her smiling most of the time. 

After going through the makeover, we interviewed her to find out more about her decision to go for plastic surgery and how the whole process was like for her. If you are interested to find out more about her journey, keep on reading!

Q: Why did you decide to go for plastic surgery? 

It is a known fact that cosmetic surgery can help to enhance one’s beauty. A possible reason for me deciding to go for plastic surgery would be my childhood history. Back then during my school days, I was known to be “the fat child” and no one wanted to make friends with me; I was constantly being left out. During my school’s prefect election, I was actually chosen to be a prefect. People would always call me pui-fect, it means fat, fat and ugly. I did spend a lot of time to try to lose weight and change my appearance to make myself feel more comfortable and confident. I also had the perception that once I changed my appearance, people will start to make friends with me because then I would look more decent. I suppose that is why I feel that looks are very important and that played a part in my decision to go for plastic surgery.

Q: Why Korea? 

I did a lot of research and Korea is really reputable for their plastic surgery. I personally feel that it really depends on how you want to look. For instance, if you want to possess “Korean beauty traits”,  then you should go to Korea to help you achieve that. When I came back to Singapore after my surgery, people who did not know me would ask me, “Are you from Korea? You do look like a Korean.”. That in itself really made me very happy. 

Q: What is the difference between plastic surgery clinics in Singapore and in Seoul? 

It is definitely very different. At least for me, from the moment I stepped into my clinic in Seoul, the staff approached me to offer me a warm welcome. I will say that the staff were really professional and well-prepared; they know exactly what to do when clients are visiting. Furthermore, I was guided and followed throughout the entire process (even during waiting times), with the staff explaining to me what was going to happen etc. This is very different from Singapore, where usually the staff will simply tell you to take a seat and fill up your form. They will then probably attend to you again 10 or 15 minutes later. I guess the difference here is really the way they project themselves - it shows how passionate they are about their job and how much they want to help others.

Q: Why did you choose to utilise a medical concierge service? How did Eunogo help in your journey?

I chose to utilise a medical concierge service because I had doubts about what I see on the internet and social media, considering how paid advertisements are so common. By utilising a medical concierge service with Eunogo, they were able to share with me the past experiences of previous clients who did similar procedures or visited the same clinics. That really gave me the assurance that the clinic is safe and I felt more confident about my decision.

I would say that having Eunogo with me throughout my journey really value-added my entire experience. I cannot speak or understand Korean and going to a country that I have never been to before was quite worrying at first, but having Eunogo around made it so much easier in terms of both communication and getting around Korea. Besides that, I also really liked the fact that I could ask them anything and everything, even during my resting period after surgery. I stayed in Korea for 3 weeks, so having them around is like having a contact point where I can ask questions about touring in Korea. In short, Eunogo is not there to just provide an extra service during your treatment. They ensure that they will follow you throughout your journey from the start to the end and remains a contactable point even after surgery. 

Q: Which procedures did you go for?

I had a forehead lift, ptosis correction, v-line surgery, and rhinoplasty revision as recommended by the doctors at Gyalumhan, an established cosmetic surgery clinic located in Gangnam district in South Korea.

Q: How was the pre-surgery therapy? 

I went for the Evercell Anti-aging Facial (Stem Cell Therapy) which was inclusive of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Chaum during pre-surgery. The treatment is meant to help patients to be in their best condition before surgery. 

Combined with cutting edge therapies that gently introduce their signature serum to my skin, the Stem Cell Therapy really made me feel much more relaxed. The therapist started off by giving me a head and scalp massage, it was very relaxing and I really enjoyed it. After that, it was followed by a facial and a body massage, and it ended off with another scalp massage. I really liked the after-effects and my skin ended up to be extremely smooth.

Q: What was your recovery process like?

For the first two days after surgery, my face felt pretty sore and so I was not able to chew on hard foods. I mainly had porridge and only from the 4th day onwards, I started to consume hard foods again. I did have pork belly on the 7th day and I gradually started eating staples like udon, rice, and even fried chicken. The downtime for recovery for me was very fast. Two weeks after the surgery, I was able to go back to normal activities like going shopping and sightseeing in Korea. After 3 weeks in Korea, I came back to Singapore and I went back to work the next day.

Q: How has your life changed 1 year after the surgery? 

Overall, I feel more confident about myself and I am very pleased with how I look now. I don't have to put on too much makeup before I get out of the house and that really makes my life a lot easier when I get ready for work in the morning. In the past, I might take up to an hour and now I only need approximately 30 minutes, so I saved half the time that I took to prepare myself. 

Q: Any last thing to say to your doctor and people who were with you in your journey? 

I would like to thank them for being there throughout my journey and for giving me all the care and support, not forgetting all the staff and nurses who were really nice to me. 


The before/after pictures of Christine show an amazing transformation after just 1 month! She looks beautiful and we at Eunogo are glad to hear that she is very satisfied and happy with our service.

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