What is Elasticum Thread Lift? Q&A with Dr. Kim Jiyeon in Korea

Dr. Kim Jiyeon from Light Plastic Surgery

Various surgeries, laser, dermabrasion, and high frequency procedures have been developed to improve sagging skin and wrinkles. Although surgery gives great results that last a long duration, they are also less accessible to the public due to the possibility of side effects or relatively long recovery periods. Laser or ultrasound procedures have few side effects and quick recovery periods, but the disadvantages are that results are not as good and last a short time, so these procedures have to be continued repeatedly.

In Korea, the procedure for thread lifting was introduced in the early 2000s. Since then, better products and methods have been developed and are being implemented in plastic surgery and dermatology. In addition to the development of more advanced products and methods, thread lifting is also able to overcome the shortcomings of surgery, laser, and high frequency procedures, which may be causing patients to hesitate.

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Q. Could you tell us about Thread Lift? What is it and who needs it? 

Thread lifting is widely implemented and constantly being developed due to its short downtime, high satisfaction rate, and little side effects. The skin on our faces consists of several layers, between the skin and the bone. The SMAS layer, also known as superficial musculoaponeurotic system, covers the muscle layer and is an important structure in face lifting. The lifting effect is created by pulling this SMAS layer, which also allows for lasting results. Thread lifting is effective for those in their mid- to late 30s to early 50s, who do not have thick skin. It is good for improving skin elasticity and wrinkles.

Q. What is Elasticum Thread Lift?

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Elasticum is a form of silicon that is made very thinly and closely wrapped with polyester into the form of a net. The advantages of Elasticum is that it allows for strong lifting, and of course, it is very safe and stable when combined with tissue. It can be inserted without incisions, so there is little damage to the tissue. It can be inserted in only the necessary parts or in the entire face to restore skin elasticity that has changed due to aging.

Q. How is it different from normal threads?

Thread lifting is effective for around one year with a procedure duration of just 20-30 minutes. However, if you are looking for longer lifting effects, it can be combined with a flexible thread called Elasticum to prolong the effects for 3 years or more. Also, due to its high elasticity, Elasticum is able to lift parts that are difficult to lift with existing normal threads, such as the neck area.

Q. What is the operation time and recovery?

The procedure takes about an hour with sedative anesthesia. On the 3rd day after the surgery, a clinic visit is required for check-up. Stitch removal can be done 5-7 days after the surgery, either in Korea or in your home country.

Q. Any last tips?

It is important that you receive Elasticum through a plastic surgeon that not only has specialised anatomical knowledge, but also plenty of experience. The blood vessels and nerves are fine and delicate, and careful, precise correction is only possible if performed by a plastic surgeon that possesses sophisticated technique. Using high quality products and instruments are also important, but the results and satisfaction of every patient varies significantly, so it is recommended that you get treatment from experienced plastic surgeons. 

Elasticum thread lifting is available at Eunogo for neck lifting. The neck area is often overlooked whenever we apply skincare, which quickens the aging process when we do not take care of it. A wrinkly, sagging neck also gives away your age, even if you take good care of the skin on your face.

Photo Credit: Light Plastic Surgery

Photo Credit: Light Plastic Surgery

If you want to book Elasticum neck lifting, you can schedule and purchase the program that comes with an English medical translator at Eunogo.

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