Considering breast augmentation? All you need to know about Motiva implants


EUNOGO has interviewed a few breast augmentation experts at Banobagi Plastic Surgery, who have shared the latest updated information on Motiva breast implant. Banobagi Plastic Surgery has been using various types of breast implants since its opening in 2000, and has a wealth of expertise at handling almost every kind of breast implant with a specialised surgical procedure for each.

Breast implants are constantly being developed in order to get safer, more natural, and more beautiful results. It's important to accurately identify and choose a suitable implant for yourself. This requires consideration of a wide variety of physical characteristics and factors, including the size and type of implant, thickness of the skin and its subcutaneous fat layer, shape of the breast tissue, body and chest shape, and individual preference for texture.


1. Smooth: Motiva has a smoothness rating of less than 10 micrometers on all its surfaces, and is classified as smooth on the ISO.

2. Texture: Motiva has a natural touch and feel even when lying down. Most people get revision surgery because of dissatisfaction with the feel when lying down, but Motiva does not have this issue.

3. Body fit: You can select from three gels to suit your shape preference. Even if the shell of the prosthesis is damaged, the gel rarely leaks out, and has good viscosity and cohesion. This is also what the FDA requires for breast implants. Motiva is suitable for woman who are very slim, because you can choose more natural gels since they is not visible or felt when you bend forward. Thinner people usually have a problem with the implants being easily seen or felt. The three gel types are:

  • Professional Gel Contour – Use high viscosity gel. Even in normal circumstances, the prosthesis remains in shape and a satisfactory volume can be obtained.
  • Professional Gel PLUS - retains a more natural shape than Professional Gel Contour and features a softer touch.
  • Progressive Gel Ultima – Features the most natural form. The gel has low viscosity and high elasticity, so you can feel a natural touch when touched. 

4. Elasticity and strength: The outer surface of Motiva implants have the same and strong tensile force on all parts. There is no risk of damage to the prosthesis when inserting the prosthesis, and the scar is relatively small because the prosthesis can be inserted even if the incision is small.

5. Reduced side effects: Existing implants can cause thick cell membranes to form, resulting in spherical construction or inflammatory reactions. Motiva reduces the risk of spherical construction by dispersing fibroblasts produced in the chest after surgery with cell-friendly surface design and detailed processes. Foreign matter reaction and friction are reduced, so it is suitable for those with active lifestyle.

Motiva is made according to anatomical design and has a similar shape to a real breast. The shape changes freely, it becomes round when lying down, and becomes the shape of a droplet when standing. In addition, the customisation available makes it suitable for thinner women. It can give you confidence in your daily life as well as when you exercise in a natural movement.

Motiva implants contains a chip (unique identification device) that contains unique information, allowing doctors to view a wide range of product-related information through a portable reader. For those who are hesitant to select a Motiva due to the built-in chip or price, they can choose a Motiva prosthesis without a unique identification device.

While choosing the right implant is important, it is also important to see an experienced surgeon for consultation because they can offer you valuable insight based on their years of experience. An experienced surgeon will be able to recommend you the right implant after studying your body shape, type and preference.

You may be surprised to hear that breast implant surgery only takes 30 minutes at Banobagi Plastic Surgery. Breast implant surgery at Banobagi has a relatively short operation time of about 30 minutes, which reduces the possibility of inflammation, infection and spherical construction. Blood loss is also relatively low, so no blood pockets are needed. There will also be a relatively fast recovery due to the short anesthesia time, and you can be discharged on the same day.

You must be thinking that a short surgery might mean a sloppier job, but the doctors at Banobagi have shared that "The shorter the surgery, the better." This is because even though the surgery duration is short, it is sufficient time for an experienced surgery to place the implant in a suitable location. Also, patients will experience fewer surgical risks and side effects with a shorter operation time. Surgical time is a measure of the skill of a surgeon, so we highly recommend you see a skilled and qualified surgeon.

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