The Latest Korean Skin Booster with Stem Cells that You Must Know

As we transition into the different seasons and drier weather, some of us might face difficulty taking care of our skin as we struggle to adapt to the changes in weather. To combat this, many people in Korea like to get facial injections to boost their skin condition, so they have an easier time managing their skincare. Today, we'll look at the Exosome injection that helps you recover your skin condition.

The Exosome injection is classified as a 4th-generation skin booster. If you are new to Korean skincare, you might be wondering now, "What's a skin booster?" Skin boosters are facial injections, and they collectively refers to all the substances that benefit your skin. Some of the well-known skin boosters are Aqua Shine injection, Rejuran Healer and NCTF Filorga injection (or Chanel injection).

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The Exosome injection is one of the latest anti-aging treatments to improve skin concerns, including reduced elasticity, dull skin tone, wrinkles and creases, and sunken areas resulting in loss of volume.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are nanoscale particles that are secreted for the transfer of intercellular information and play an important role in influencing the micro-environment around cells. Exosoms are separated and refined from stem cell cultures using the latest technology, and they effectively care for damaged skin and help activate the skin's natural regeneration.

What are the benefits of the Exosome injection?

Exosomes carry the regenerative capabilities of stem cells. They effectively care for damaged skin and helps activate the skin's natural energy to regenerate. After the treatment, you can feel some changes to your skin. The injection "reverse the age of your skin" by taking care of your worries such as dry skin, rough skin texture, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Who is the Exosome injection recommended for?

The Exosome injection is recommended for people who have the following concerns:

  • Skin that is difficult to manage due to constant dryness
  • Rough and dry skin texture
  • Loss of glow and vitality from the skin
  • Skin health weakened by harmful environment and pollution
  • Dull, lackluster skin
  • Pile-up of dead skin
  • Non-resilient skin that becomes stressed easily

    How can I maximise the results from the Exosome injection?

    You can expect even greater results when you pair Exosome injection with other lifting procedures, as the combination of the procedures work together to produce greater synergy. Some of the common lifting procedures paired with the Exosome injection are the Skin Aura, Ultherapy, and Thermage. When paired together, they can produce excellent results in collagen production, skin elasticity, and facial volume recovery.

    Unlike skin-improving cosmetics and massages, the effects of Exosome injections are not only short-term. Since it regenerates skin cells to improve the dermal layer, the results of the injection will last for a long time. It not only improves skin trouble but is also a good anti-inflammatory and relieves allergic dermatitis.

    If you are interested in finding out more, Eunogo offers a program that pairs the Exosome injection with Skin Aura Face Lift laser, which you can check out here.

    The Results

    Here are some Before and After photos. The After photos are taken 1 month after the procedure.

    Photo Credit: Clar&B

    As you can see, the skin texture has improved and the skin is also tighter and more lifted around the jawline.

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