Eyelid surgery that makes your eyes so big and natural

Everyone's face naturally changes with the passage of time, but some celebrities appear on TV looking very different from when they made their debut. They definitely got prettier somehow, but you don't quite see where the change is. Of course, they may have changed their make-up style or lost a lot of weight. But! Rumor has it that many celebrities get prettier with 'natural eye surgery'. Today we will look into two popular natural eye surgeries: Canthoplasty surgery and Buried Double Eyelid Surgery. 

Pretty enough, but missing that 2%?

This is for those who do not want to change too much of your original image! Your eyes are particularly important for your first impression on others and if something hits amiss with an eye surgery, you could easily become the subject of everybody's gossip. Hence, many people choose natural eye surgery that others won't be able to realize whether you have had surgery or not. In order to make the changes subtly for each individual, the doctor would examine many factors, like the distance between the two eyes, the length and width of the eyes, the shape of the eyes, and so on.

The most popular surgeries are Epicanthoplasty surgery and Buried Double Eyelid Surgery. For thin skin types, a simple eye surgery could have a dramatic effect.

So, what are the pros of natural eye surgery (Epicanthoplasty+Buried Double Eyelid)?

1. Less concern of scars

Using minimal incisions, scars will be almost inconspicuous.

2. Fast Recovery

Due to a very small incision area, bruising or swelling is minimal, letting you get back to your daily routine fast

3. No more worries about untied double eyelids!

Recent Buried technique has improved from merely creating a line to also adjusting your eye muscles, reducing the concern of untied double eyelids.

4. It is the most natural eye surgery

It's an eye surgery diagnosed for each individual. Eliminating unnecessary procedure is critical!

Nevertheless! One must consider the eyes' functional aspects.

Pretty eyes are very important, but you should consider a reoperation if your eyes appear drowsy or it takes too much effort to open your eyes. For a successful first-shot operation, you need an accurate, professional counseling. If your eyes do not have strong muscles, you should consider blepharoptosis correction that increases the strength of the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid. It will create clear and sharp eyes by reducing the area of the blepharoptosis covered by the upper eyelids. Whether you use eye muscles or muscles in other areas like the forehead to open your eyes, this operation can markedly change those droopy eyes.

Should I be scared of eye surgery?

Although eye surgeries is considered to be relatively simple compared to other plastic surgeries, the fact that the surgery operates under regional anesthesia seem intimidating to some. Because balance is critical for an eye surgery, general anesthesia is given during the initial phase when the patient feels pain, but after, the operation proceeds under regional anesthesia. The operation time depends on the specific procedure, but it is generally short, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. Just a note beforehand, there may be situations when you may have to open and close your eyes during the operation. But, no need for big fear. According to many previous patients, 30 minutes feels like 3 minutes. (Of course, this could be different for everyone)

What is Canthoplasty surgery?

Canthoplasty surgery operates on a different part than double eyelid surgery. Canthoplasty surgery is classified by Epicanthoplasty, Lateral Canthoplasty or Lower eyelid Canthoplasty, depending on the specific region. It is an operation that finds hidden spaces in your eyes to create large and distinctly vivid eyes. In the case of Epicanthoplasty, it eliminates the triangle-shaped Mongolian folds that oriental people generally have, easing the task of opening the eyes.

Epicanthoplasty and Double eyelid surgery are often operated side-by-side. Because Canthoplasty surgery uses less incisions, it has a faster recovery time and leaves less scars than Double Eyelid surgery. In the case of Lateral Canthoplasty or Lower Eyelid Canthoplasty, many hospitals now use soluble thread, so there would no need for additional removal. Keep in mind that the operation procedures may vary for different hospitals.

After an eye surgery, be aware of the following:

  • When operated with the appropriate method and technique, there should be no particular side effects.

  • 2-3 days after the surgery, treat the operated area with ice pack, and after 3 days, with hot pack.

  • Swelling and bruising can differ for individuals

  • Alcohol and cigarettes will slow your recovery time. It is better to avoid them for 1-2 weeks.

  • Give your eyes 1-2 weeks of break from make-up

  • If your eyes swell too much, or you feel dizziness or oppressive pain, you should visit the hospital.

For these reasons, if you are planning on an eye surgery, we recommend you plan for a stay in Korea for at least 5-7 days. It would be ideal for you to return home after you have removed the thread after all the swelling goes away during the first recovery phase.

Eyes should take its entirety into account rather than a partiality. Eyes don't take up the largest area of the face, but if they don't harmonize well with an individual overall, it will create an awkward feeling. Make sure you consult a professional to examine the precise details of YOUR eyes: the right degree of the eyes' exposure, the apt height of the double eyelid line, the ratio of the length and width and so on.

More info?

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