Born into a new you through the ‘right’ revision surgery!

Everyone wishes a perfect outcome that fits their tailored needs and wants on their surgical treatment. But what if your first ever plastic surgery did not go exactly as you expected it to be? Of course, it’s important for your surgery to go right in the first place. But for those wishing to fix and supplement an unsatisfying result, here are some must-know facts about the most common two surgeries that people undergo re-operation for - eyelid surgery and nose job.

Q. So what exactly is ‘revision plastic surgery?’

A. Its main purpose is to improve an unsatisfying result or side effect from your first surgery. The secondary operation focuses on fixing various problems and inconveniences resulted from initial operations. The reason that the secondary operation is so difficult and complex - especially in double-eyelid surgery is that it’s hard to find out what exact measures were used in the first surgery and surgeons have to apply different surgical methods based on the first outcome of patients. It’s very important to analyze the ‘reason’ for having a secondary plastic surgery and figure out whether problems can be fixed through a second surgery.

Q. In what cases do people need a ‘revision eyelid surgery?’

  • Different sizes of double-eyelids and irregular eyelid lines

  • Different sizes of eyes

  • Visible scars around double-eyelid lines

  • Disappearance of double-eyelids

  • Swollen eyelids and eyes

  • Sleepy-looking (dull) impression despite the first surgery

Q. Who should consider getting a ‘revision nose job?’

  • People with unsatisfying result (too sharp/flat nose)

  • People with infection in the treated area and visible silicon (when silicones are bent or moved)

  • People with unnatural look such as mismatch between their nose and overall facial structure

  • People suffering from side effects such as respiratory problems

Q. When is the most suitable time for your re-operation and how does it work?

A. The minimum time you need before your secondary plastic surgery is 6 months after your first surgery which is the time that tissues of the treated areas become softer. Both double-eyelid and nose job re-operation go through a similar surgical process as your first surgery. They take up to no more than three hours of operation and stitches are taken out within two weeks. You can get back to your daily life within a week after the surgery without being hospitalized.   

Secondary operation has a higher risk of damaging tissues around the treated area compared to the first surgery and it may lead to additional operations when results turn out wrong. Hence, you should be  careful when going through a revision surgery.

If this is too much information for you, just remember these must-know tips for revision surgery!!

  • Find a skillful doctor with sufficient surgical experiences and professional background

  • Find a separate place with special expertise in nose job and eyelid surgery (have operations separately)

  • Make sure to check only certified and safe ingredients are used for operation

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